Kathy Levine Wedding

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Kathy Levine is one of the most successful salespeople in the world. She joined QVC in 1986, one of the most powerful televised shopping networks. QVC stands for Quality Value and Convenience. With a great television audience, Kathy has sold products over three billion dollar per year.
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Kathy Levine was born in Queens, New York but grew up in Spain and England. Kathy was a high school Spanish teacher, who worked in hotel sales. She was a 34 years old divorced woman when she was employed by QVC. Today she is the channel’s most successful host. What made her success so great was her ability to learn everything regarding the products she sold descriptions. She could quickly learn about the finer points of a diverse array of products, from jewelry to computer equipment, and then make stories that could related the products to the need of the viewers. Kathy Levine retired form her television sales job to host her own variety type talk shows. After this event, Katy returned to QVC with a jewelry line, and today she has her own company to help people improve their public speaking while selling products.

Kathy Levine wedding was not a big extravagant one. She was divorced before she became known as a TV host, so, her first marriage did not last. She once in an interview said that she met her husband through a personal ad.

Jeffrey Hewson was another seals person who became real famous. It seems that he and Kathy were always very close, so the news that he is going to get married, but not to Kathy, to Judy Crowell came as a shock. Their wedding was really famous, Kathy showed pictures form the wedding party on her show and everyone knew about the event.  However, the marriage did not last. Jeff asked for divorce right before Judy was about to go on the air. You can imagine her reaction. Not long after this event Jeff had to live QVC because he and his ex-wife could not work together anymore.

Kathy Levine wedding and personal life are not very popular. The fact is that we do not know many things about how she dated or who she felt in love with. This may be after all a good fact, because she always wanted to keep her personal life away from any scandal. Not many celebrities decide to do so. That is way some of them are known and popular, because of their outrageous lifestyle. If Kathy and Jeff had ever had a relationship or not we can not know. It can be only the general public impression regarding their friendship and the fact that they were working together and were such well known TV hosts.11

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  1. Hillary

    May 10, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    what an article! i thought i was going to read something i didn’t already know and that would make me think it could be put into my own wedding. as far as i know celebrities have either very extravagant or very simple weddings but their weddings are always an inspiration to the others. in this article i found out nothing like that and that makes me a little bit more than upset. I think you should try to give more details related to the weddings when you post this type of articles. I think you should try to stick to the topic more. It would make us the readers happier.


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