Kate Hudson’s bridesmaid dress in “My Best Friend’s Girl”

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Movie scenes have always been a source of inspiration for many of us. Either for daily an outfit, either for the bride to have a general impression about the bridesmaids’ dresses for example we all want to have an outfit with a celebrity touch.  It does not matter any more whether that pattern will suit and match perfectly with one’s silhouette as the idea can be adapted. In other words, the concept, the cut of a dress, just the idea is what we are looking for to have at least.
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Are you looking after bridesmaid dresses? With all the options one has nothing is up to its expectations. How about Kate Hudson’s bridesmaid dress in “My best friend’s girl”? Being in the posture of the maid of honor in this film she has a gorgeous red dress that along with a daring pattern makes a really impressive appearance.

To start with, this type of dress is indeed for a wedding in summer, due to its cut and fabric: a long flowy gown, silk, slightly transparent and with a slippery texture. As for the style the dress is an elegant one and suitable for both sides, formal or informal wedding.

How does exactly Kate Hudson’s bridesmaid dress in “My best friend’s girl” look like? Stating with the top part it has some wide straps off the shoulders, with sweetheart neckline, a long dress and larger, not tight on the body. Apart from the neckline there is no accent on the silhouette, so no tight skirt at the hips, no waist accentuated. Surprisingly, it may be from this description a simple dress just with the bust in the front line. But when seeing it and mostly when seeing it on the character of this movie one will realize how feminine and sexy it looks like. There is no need for a generous bust like Kate’s example and still one can take everyone’s eyes.

Its intense red contributes as well to completing a totally outstanding image. Its partially uncovered shoulders, the open neck part become the first part of an admiring view. Such a dress type puts the woman and her charm onto the first plan and even though it has not such a complicated and pompous style and cut of the dress it is all about an overflowing sexy and hot appearance.

Thinking whether such a dress will be the perfect pattern to choose for your maids of honors let me mention that it can be suitable for any age. I does not matter the silhouette so much from various reasons: the hips and the waist are hidden, with the empire waist just the bust part is main attraction point, it is in anyone’s favor especially for those of a short statue high at it creates the impression of height. How can these not be matching with no matter what type of bridesmaid? A single dress that gathers so many tricks about hiding and revealing what it should be.11

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