Juegos De Manicure

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Since computers have been invented, their purpose became very varied. At the beginning they had a scientific purpose to make some complicated calculations, but the appearance of personal computers (or PCs) changed this and in our days a lot of people have computer for fun. This fun includes playing games, watching movies, listening to music, surfing the internet and other activities that have nothing useful as a result.

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The development of the computers created a whole new area of industry. I am not referring only to the computer producers, but to those as well, who create the softs for the computers. There are some softs that are useful like operational systems and some others that are optional to have. Games are such softs. I agree that they are fun, but they aren’t useful in any way.

There have been many different kinds of game created: there are some big and famous games that have some serious things they need in order to work properly, while there are some smaller games as well, that don’t need anything special. There are a lot of small games hosted on the internet that don’t even need to be downloaded in order to be played. These are mostly for young children, but the truth is that older people like them as well.

Such small and easy games are the ones that feature the makeover of hands. The <strong>juegos de manicure</strong>, meaning manicure games most of the times have as their purpose to create a manicure on virtual hands, using a number of tools and the number of combination options possible is unlimited. Although there are some standard colors, textures and stickers, they can be combined in many ways. There are also some rings that can be put on for a bigger effect. There is nothing wrong if you do something and then you change your mind. The polish might be removed with polish remover and the other things can be undone.

Although these <strong>juegos de manicure</strong> might seem quite useless, young girls enjoy them very much and it develops their creativity in some way. Those girls that aren’t allowed yet to polish their nails might still ‘polish’ some nails. The truth is that the fun lasts only until they have created the design, because then they have only two possibilities: to start over the creation of the designs or to print what they have created and then start over.

These games are considered to be girly games just like manicures are considered to be girly activities. Still it is not impossible that boys won’t like these games, but the chances are a lot smaller. For them there are some other types of games that feature cars and races or other activities that they might like. I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing on the computer, just that people shouldn’t forget that they have a real life to live as well and they shouldn’t be caught up in a virtual world that offers them nothing but fun.11

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