Jenny Yoo 2011 Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | July 01 2011 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

For this post we’ve prepared a few simple and elegant wedding dresses signed by Jenny Yoo and created for one of this designer’s recent 2011 bridal collection that we are happy to host on our website. These refined and delicate pieces were designed for this fall, but we believe that they look too beautiful to be chosen only by the brides who are planning an autumnal wedding.


We recommend these superb gowns to those who are getting married in spring or during the summer season too! The sleek lines, the constructed designs and the form-fitted silhouettes are incredibly elegant, chic and luxurious to be worn only by a certain category of brides.

However, we should mention the fact that these Jenny Yoo 2011 wedding dresses are not for everybody or at least not for those who prefer something more extravagant and pompous for their wedding. Nevertheless, this couturier says that the weddings today have become more practical, or at least more simplistic and intimate.

We always thought that the smaller weddings are the ones that hold a special meaning for the couple. However, this is not a general opinion or a general truth. But since the weddings are nowadays so casual and relaxing, the bride’s dress must also be designed in order to fit this new formality.

Nevertheless, Jenny Yoo says that more and more designers of today are interested in using more of the traditional style in their collections. The classical style is back in trend, no doubt about it, but it is used in combination with the innovative designs that are specific to this modern era.

This is why the majority of the bridal collections that we see today contain lots of versatile types of dresses that can be worn by both modern and classic brides. Anyway, returning to our subject, we must admit that these Jenny Yoo 2011 wedding dresses are very chic, pretty, sweet and ultra feminine.

They can fit perfectly those who want to wear something appropriate for their commodious and yet refined elegant individual style. You don’t have to opt for something very extravagant and highly sparkling in order to obtain a more impressive and remarkable look. Choose one of these soft and graceful designs and combine the sophisticated style with the natural innocent look that we’re all searching for although we don’t want to admit it! We promise to be back with more adorable designs from this couturier’s collections in the near future!11

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