Japanese Wedding Gowns

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Traditional Japanese wedding gowns are very beautiful and eye-catching. When getting married, Japanese brides have to wear an outfit that reflects the Japanese customs and beliefs. The style, fabrics and designs of the wedding dress are supposed to be in accordance to their traditions.

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The bride’s attire usually includes two dresses, one for the wedding ceremony and one for the reception. Japanese weddings mostly take place during spring or autumn and are held on a Shinto temple.

Traditional wedding dress for the ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, Japanese brides wear a simple yet very beautiful white kimono. The traditional gown is also known as shiro-maku. The term “shiro” means white and “maku” means purity. Therefore, brides wear this kimono in order to express their purity and innocence. The kimono has no additional embellishments, its simplicity is actually the one turning it into an amazing wedding gown. The kimono is very long and the brides need help carrying it when walking down the aisle.

 Japanese Wedding Gowns (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

Japanese Wedding Gowns (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

The bride’s hair is also arranged in a sophisticated manner and accessorized with combs. Her head is covered by a hood during the whole ceremony. This hood symbolizes the bride’s willingness to get married and accept his role as a wife. Traditional American accessories such as “something old, something new and something borrowed” are also worn by Japanese brides. They have a small bag called hakoseko and a fine heathed dagger, known as kaiken. The bride’s face isc over with white powder and her beautiful eyes are highlighted by using dark makeup. Her lips are colored in bright red. Traditional footwear includes white socks and clogs with thong toe straps.

Reception Dress

When the wedding ceremony is complete, the bride changes her gown. The shiro-maku is covered by a colored and sophisticated kimono made of fine silk. This type of kimono is called uchikake. The brides have a wide range of colors to choose from when it comes to uchikake. However, the most popular color is red.

 Japanese Wedding Gowns (Source: weddingupdostoday.com)

Japanese Wedding Gowns (Source: weddingupdostoday.com)

This powerful and bold color is considered to be a symbol of look. Hence, brides wear a red kimono at the reception in order to have a lucky life. Unlike the first kimono, uchikake is very elaborate and has a lot of embellishments and embroidered details from natural scenes. The kimono also has charming long sleeves that add a bit of femininity and grace to the entire gown.


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