Italian Wedding Cake

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When planning a wedding you need to take care of a wide variety of details. One of the important details is the wedding cake which is usually considered the centerpiece of every wedding reception. That’s why many brides end up spending on the wedding cake almost as much as on their gown. That’s why you should carefully choose the flavor of the cake and its style. For instance, if you are planning a romantic Italian wedding followed by an Italian honeymoon, you should consider purchasing an Italian wedding cake. Such cakes are usually made using fresh ingredients, so you won’t find on these cakes any artificial decorations. Instead, you will find them decorated using beautiful handmade sugar flowers, butter cream and even fresh flowers and fruits.

Italian Wedding Cake

Italian Wedding Cake (Photo by: Alpha)

So, the first thing you need to do if you are interested in ordering an Italian wedding cake is decide upon the flavor. You will then have to show as much interest in the exterior because the decorations and color of the cake need to match the wedding reception theme and color scheme that you have chosen. You will also have to customize the shape of the cake so that it perfectly fits on the table that you’ve reserved for it.


Last but not least, don’t forget about the size of the cake because you need to give a piece of that wedding cake to all your guests. So, based on the number of guests that are going to attend your wedding you should choose a two, three or even five-tier design. Also important is to find out if the baker will supply you with the cake-cutting knife or if you will have to buy it separately. All the details are important because the cake-cutting ceremony is one of the major events of a wedding.

Italian Wedding Cake

Italian Wedding Cake (Photo by: Ali West)

When it comes to popular Italian wedding cakes from which to choose, you should know that the list is not short at all. What you should keep in mind is that the flavors that define most Italian wedding cakes are lemon, chocolate and rum. For instance, you can choose a Torta Chantilly which is in essence a sponge cake filled with Chantilly cream and enriched on top with some white chocolate shavings. Another option worth mentioning is Diplomatica which benefits from a combination between a puff pastry base and sponge cake that can be filled with vanilla cream or Chantilly cream. If you are interested in a fresh fruit dessert you should also consider the Crostata Di Fruitta which is a classic fruit tart enriched by vanilla cream. This dessert was used in the past for most Italian weddings but nowadays many give it up in order to replace it with a gorgeous white wedding cake organized in multiple tiers.

Another type of Italian wedding cake that I must mention is the Bignolata alla Vaniglia wedding cake that attracts customers with its Chantilly cream and cream puffs filled with whipped cream. As you can see, these are all lavish desserts that one will always have a hard time resisting to.


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