Islamic Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | March 27 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

For those of you who are planning on an Islamic wedding theme and still don’t know what to wear, well, the choices aren’t so many, especially if you wish to get married in a traditional Islamic way. Muslim brides usually wear something white, decent, simple and not too extravagant.

A beautiful traditional and specific Islamic wedding dress is the Swalwar-qameez or usually referred to as the Kammez/Qamiss that many Muslim brides use to wear it for the special day. This particular dress is usually the most traditional and popular one among the south of Asia. But it is also a very common and unique wedding dress that many India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh brides use to wear it extremely often and in many cases.

This unusual wedding dress is worn both by the bride-to-be and the groom. But explain more about this dress and make you understand and picture it better, we can say that the shalwar is composed of a sort of pajama especially at the bottom of the dress and a very casual trouser that comes in a large design at the waist. The dress is quite pleating and it is beautifully decorated and embellished at the waist line. This unique type of Islamic wedding dress can have a traditional design and style or a more modern appearance. More and more modern Islamic brides tend to wear a tighter and more body-formed shalwar for a more attractive and feminine look.

These contemporary designs are called Churidar Pyjamies and women seem to feel more and more charmed with these new shalwars. One of the most popular modern Islamic wedding dresses that Malwa and Patiala brides use to wear it on their wedding day is the Patiala Shahi Shalwars. Another modern Islamic wedding dress is the tight kameez that brides embrace it with more passion and pleasure than the large and wide masculine shawar. This splendind and original kameez it’s extremely beautiful because of the figure hugging design that advantages more a female body. These dresses are usually adorned with special jewels, especially at the neckline.

Muslims use specific embroideries and beaded necklines for a high class Islamic wedding dress and simple, without any extra decoration necklines for the usual Islamic wedding dress. There are a few wedding dress designers that can create you an original Islamic wedding dress just to fit your body figure and personal preferences. Therefore, if you decide to wear such a thematic dress on your special wedding day you might hire someone specialized to customize a more personalized Islamic wedding dress just for you. Wearing something distinctive, simple, original and full of symbolism, romanticism and signification is something truly inspired for any beautiful wedding day.11


  1. Dusty McDougall

    April 04, 2011 at 6:37 am

    I think it will cost more than I could afford to make such a dress for me but I always loved the Islamic embroideries and this is why I was attracted by you article. I wanted to see what it would be like, what kind of dresses can these be. I think I am more attracted to the more modern wedding dresses and so that dress on the fake bride is a very exquisite one. I think it’s very feminine and mysterious. Of course that the mystery comes from teh veil and the way it is put on the bride’s head and body. And this is again another feature of these dresses that I like. The veils are not so simply worn as in America or Europe. So this kind of a veil I can afford.


  2. Dr.N.S

    February 07, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    I’m sure you aren’t familiar to life style of Muslims,
    The clothes, costume of them are divided to 2 kind
    1.traditional which is absolete
    2. Modern which follows fashion of Eruope and America some times with a little change in length and texture for adopting to Islam commands.


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