Irish wedding rings

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Not all the couples today are interested in showing off their wedding ring as a marvelous extravagant and spectacular jewelry piece, but more as a sentimental wedding ring with a beautiful meaning, signification and cultural or spiritual background.
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A great example of a more meaningful representative type of love wedding ring is the Irish wedding ring type. Brides and grooms who come from the Irish culture are happy to be able to find specific Irish wedding rings that can help them promote their cultural Irish heritage and pass the ring from generation to generation as a beautiful heirloom. Wearing a wedding ring that beyond elegance and aesthetics can also provide with an emotional substrate and a powerful symbol could be a very inspired idea, especially for romantic type of couples.

There is nothing wrong with showing off your cultural baggage and sustaining your beliefs. The contrary! A couple wearing a cultural wedding ring or a sentimental wedding ring will always be more appreciated and esteemed. Irish wedding rings are treasured by many couples who come from this culture or not, because of their beautiful history, romance and family traditions.

One can find different types of Irish wedding rings. And whether one chooses a Celtic knot Irish wedding ring, a Claddagh Irish wedding ring or perhaps an emerald setting Irish wedding ring, the final impression will definitely be a unique marvelous one.

Perfect for couples who are family kind of people and who know how to worship the love, the understanding and the beauty of everyday together living, the Irish wedding ring can definitely mark these aspects and provide with more support and recognition of these values. The Irish symbols can be seen integrated in all kinds of stuffs, such as in cloths and in jewelries.

These types of rings can be found in the “traditional wedding rings” department or section. The Claddagh wedding ring styles are the most popular ones among traditional wedding rings. The heart is meant to represent the love, the hands are there to symbolize the friendship, while the crown represents the fidelity raised within the couple. One can find gold Claddagh Irish wedding rings or silver Claddagh Irish wedding rings.

The Celtic knot types of rings are also popular among couples who cherish the family and the tradition. The knot symbols are meant to speak of the interconnectedness of the life in general, of the everlasting love that binds two souls in a single soul that is the marriage.

The emerald Irish wedding rings are associated with the Ireland country, because of the rich green color and the brilliant glitter and sparkle of the stone. This type of ring makes an excellent choice for couples who want to wear a non traditional Irish wedding ring.11


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