Irish Mother Son Wedding Songs

Wedding Party | September 03 2014 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Irish music, in spite of emigration and globalization of so many cultural forces has kept in time many of its traditional aspects, at its turn influencing other forms of music, such as country music in the USA. It was also inspiring for the rock genre, a fact that is to be noticed in the recent decades, when Irish rock bands had gained a lot of popularity around the world. Bands like Westlife, Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison, U2 have achieved a world wide success with their genres of music: popular music, rock music and traditional fusion.

Irish weddings are loaded with Irish dance music that includes reels, hornpipes and jigs. During the 19th century itinerant dancing masters have spread polka, later there were imported dance marks such as mazurka and the highlands. By this time the folk instruments became flute, fiddle and uilleann pipe. These instruments were the ones to accompany the style of singing called “sean-nos” – in the old style found mainly in the poetic songs that were performed in Irish language. Later when Irish people started to immigrate to USA, they began to record songs that were successful in America and managed to reinvigorate musical styles back in their homeland.

irish-mother-son-wedding-songsThe Irish traditional music has found its contribution in the Irish popular music through artists like Van Morrison, Sinnead O’Connor. The 90s brought in Ireland a subgenre of folk metal which was known as Celtic metal featuring bands such as Waylander, Geasa and Cruachan.

Irish weddings are generally full of the color of tradition; a lot of the old customs have been preserved throughout generations, and nowadays the weddings are a combination of the old style with the elements of the new style.  Those that were already old have succeeded to preserve through time because they included elements of uniqueness and due to them a wedding is more special than any other wedding in the world.

Actually is this aspect of tradition that turns a region’s wedding into a one-of-a-kind social event.Therefore, Irish wedding songs are traditionally enriched with the poetry of the land in close connection with the spirit of the simple, unsophisticated soul of the Irish; the Irish mother son wedding songs speak about the wedding event as a celebration of the children’s joy that join together in a marriage. This event and joy is transmitted by the mother who lets everybody know that her son is going to get married and her wisdom is guiding his steps to the path where at the end she is handing him over to his beloved. With every step they are taking down the path she knows that her son is leaving his innocence behind and for the new life he is about to star she gives him her blessing.

“A song for my son” – performed by Mikki Viereck is a popular song that describes the mother’s feelings while taking good bye from her son. For the groom’s mother the days of his childhood don’t seem so far away, yet the time has passed and all it is left for her to say is giving a piece of advice for the future life he will spend next to his chosen one. Her advice is that he should be gentle, caring, ready to share and always be fair with the woman he loves. And in the end she just prays for him not to forget that he will always be her son, no matter what.11