Iris wedding flower centerpieces

Wedding Decorations | October 26 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Brides who are planning a more unconventional wedding might be interested in these pictures with iris wedding flower centerpieces. We are here to promote different types of flowers that are not very popular or usually seen in weddings, and iris is one of our favorite.

In general, these types of natural delicate and soft types of flowers are incorporated in nature inspired weddings or in casual weddings booked for outdoor locations. In case you are planning the wedding in a botanical garden, on a local beach, in a park, back yard or even on a mountain top perhaps you would find the iris flower an inspired choice.

From the same category of fresh sensitive types of flowers that are rarely incorporated in formal weddings we mention: lilies of the valley, pansies, lilacs, hyacinths, anemones, lavenders or Billy Balls. One of the loveliest things about irises and iris wedding flower centerpieces is the refinement, the softness, delicacy and magical appearance of their bicolor flower blooms. Unfortunately not all the brides are aware of the fact that this type of flower can actually be used in a wedding or incorporated in heir bridal bouquet. And this thing happens mostly because weddings have always been beautified with roses, calla lilies, orchids or by any other type of popular flowers, while irises and other similar flowers stood all this time in the shadow.

We think that now it’s the best time to reveal their natural beauty and encourage all the modern brides to adopt a more casual, light, easy and less sophisticated type of wedding and type of flower too! Irises are great because they come in a special type of yellow and purple shape, although there are plenty other types of irises that feature only a single type of nuance like purple, blue or yellow.

If you find these colors too vibrant and bold for what you’ve envisioned for your wedding perhaps you should go with something a little bit softer to the eyes and less dramatic like a white and yellow iris theme. Another quality that irises have is their length.

Long stemmed wedding flowers are the most popular ones that can be seen incorporated in fancy elegant and chic contemporary weddings. You can create your own tall iris wedding flower centerpieces by using a few stems, placed in more or less creative and artistic vases, glasses or lanterns and bottles.

If your wedding is anything but fancy, sophisticated and extravagant, perhaps you should opt for a more casual and simplistic arrangement using smaller flower pots or bowls for placing the irises. You can enrich the look of your iris wedding flower centerpieces by adding a few stems of freesias, sweet peas, ranunculuses, tuberoses, tulips or narcissuses.11

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