Invisible set wedding rings

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For couples who are sure that a modern luxurious wedding ring is what they really need in their life, an invisible set wedding ring can be a gorgeous choice.
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This type of ring is actually considered the ultimate extravagance and luxury in wedding ring designs that are able to increase, highlight and actually maximize as much as possible the glitter, the brilliance and the exquisiteness of the diamonds. No wonder that so many couples from Hollywood are mad about this type of ring and purchase a set for their own personal day by day wear.

Although, it’s quite hard to believe that an invisible set wedding ring can be that practical and comfortable (knowing how much it cost) for a bride or a groom to wear it daily with no problems.

The diamonds incorporated in this type of set are gently placed to touch each other in a smooth, uniform glittering surface. There is no metal that actually obscures or covers the sparkling surface of the diamonds, and that is why this ring is so terribly gorgeous, extravagant, sophisticated and terribly hard to wear in the everyday life without getting it lost, stolen, torn, bruised or ruined.

The invisible set is definitely one of the most modern ways to expose the diamonds of a ring in their all splendor without shadowing or camouflaging their beauty, their glow or their magnificence. The light of the diamonds can simply fascinate or stun any watcher and simply drawn him to watch closer and closer.

Choosing an invisible set expensive wedding ring can be a difficult or a delicate choice for couples who live an active life.

But anyway, one can always take off such a precious wedding ring when working or confronting with hard situations that need maximum implication and then put it back on when the waters are still and calm. Many couples like to wear the wedding ring only when they are in public, participating or attending an important event or on special occasion where they can actually show the gorgeousness of the ring.

Others won’t ever take the wedding ring off their fingers, due to a certain superstition, tradition or belief. The floating style of the diamonds or of the stones in this type of set is definitely the thing that makes the exception and the uniqueness of an invisible set wedding ring. The stones are practically held by a secret mounting that is hidden somewhere, letting the diamonds play with their glow, creating the impression that they are alone on the world.

Among the most popular styles of invisible set wedding rings are princess cut diamond invisible set wedding rings, emerald cut diamond invisible set wedding rings, baguette cut diamond invisible set wedding rings, solitaire illusion invisible set wedding rings, pave set invisible set wedding rings, men invisible set wedding rings, eternity invisible set wedding rings, semi-mount invisible set wedding rings or geometric pattern invisible set wedding rings.11

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  1. anny88

    July 13, 2012 at 10:33 am

    can you please tell me where you found the picture of the gold invisible set princess cut diamond ring that was also in silver???? My wedding ring was stolen a while back. I’ve been looking for one that more or less looks like it and that one is almos exactly the same. Please help… Thanks


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