Informal Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Wedding Dresses | May 31 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Even informal simple wedding dresses can look as elegant, gallant, chic, stylish, feminine and dainty as any formal and pretentious or sophisticated wedding dress. It all depends on the fabric you choose, on the neckline, skirt and accessories. Most brides who decide to wear a casual wedding dress are usually planning a beach wedding or a summer nature wedding.

The more unsophisticated, simple, clean, comfortable and natural the wedding dress is the more chances of being appreciated and purchased by brides today. The simplicity, the practicality and the natural elegance, charm and beauty are the main features of a modern wedding dress that contemporary brides are always looking for when shopping for the perfect wedding dress. In general, informal wedding dresses have simple necklines, cuts, skirts and shorter lengths.

But these are not stoned rules, but more principles and primary features or directions of a semi formal or informal wedding dress. For example, even long flowing wedding dresses can be informal if the necklines are simple – round, halter, strapless, V, spaghetti strap, high, off the shoulders or one shouldered. As for the skirt, if you choose a romantic calf length or an ankle length wedding dress you can opt for a slim draping and flowing straight or A-line skirt. The idea is to keep it simple, refined, delicate, feminine and breezy. But what about an ? Can that be possible? Well, anything is possible in modern world.

There are many types of sleeves that you can choose from when you’re thinking of a more informal wedding dress. You should ignore that image of balloon, poet, bell, bishop or lavish flowing splay sleeved traditional medieval wedding dresses. As long as you choose the most delicate, refined, simplistic, stylish and chic sleeves, the chances of obtaining a superb, enchanting and adorable modern informal wedding dress with sleeves for a nature or beach wedding are high. But let’s see what the most popular types of informal sleeves that you can pick for an informal wedding dress are and what features characterize each type of sleeve in part.

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For slender arms opt for an informal wedding dress with capped sleeves. These sleeves are only covering the top of the shoulder in a very refined, romantic and dainty way. You can opt for a lace or sheer silk material for a more contrasting and surprising look. If you have large arms, opt for an informal wedding dress with petal sleeves. This style of sleeves is perfect for a more contemporary look, quite similar but more impressive, unconventional and yet stylish than cap sleeves or short sleeves. Opt for an informal wedding dress with three quarter length sleeves for a more sleek, select, comfortable and refined look. These sleeves are great for any type of wedding – formal, casual or semi-formal and for any type of body figure.11

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  1. Reka

    April 27, 2011 at 3:53 am

    Well, these two dresses you posted here are not quite my idea of dresses with sleeves. Informal maybe, but with sleeves… Where are the sleeves? I expected to see some very nice and extravagant type of sleeves here, but i can’t find the sleeves. The first dress has some kind of extravagant, or better said original sleeves, but the second one has no sleeves. The gloves cannot be considered sleeves, right? I would like I would see what you are telling you are talking about in your article. Well, i don’t see the sleeves, but at least the article is kind of good.


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