Individual Wedding Cakes

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No wedding affair is complement without a tasteful and delightful unique wedding cake. But gone are those days when brides and grooms were compromised by having a tiered big and elaborated white traditional wedding cake.

Nowadays, more and more couples are attracted to the idea of buying more individual wedding cakes, mini wedding cakes, cupcake wedding cakes or just have a candy bar, truffles, pies, fruit tarts, cheesecake wedding cakes, Mexican cookies or any other unique, trendy alternative to the classic white and towered wedding cake. Many brides and grooms consider that individual wedding cakes are always more interesting, appealing, colored, creative and charming than a conventional massive wedding cake.

In fact, contemporary fashion of wedding cake designs admits that a beautiful, hot and perfect wedding cake is simple, dainty, colored and delicious. As an efficient and inspired alternative to the fondant covered four or five tiered masterpiece wedding cake, couples who are planning on a casual wedding, somewhere on a sandy beach, on a tropical island, on a coast, in a garden, in a park or in a country-side can definitely go with a less sophisticated small stacked wedding cake or with those trendy tiny and colored cupcakes or individual wedding cakes for a more diversified and playful wedding. Among the most popular example of individual wedding cakes are the petite fours, the mini cheesecakes, the mini angel food cakes, the mini pavolovas, the fruit cakes or the truffle cupcakes.

Depending on each couple’s wedding budget, style, vision, amplitude, theme and color-scheme, the individual wedding cakes can differ in sizes, decorative motifs and toppers.

They say that individual wedding cakes or smaller wedding cakes are more delicious, creative, artistic, cheerful and dramatic than a regular massive wedding cake. And it is true. Imagine how many lovely and creative themes can be incorporated into a cupcake wedding cake. Those of you who are having a small and simple casual wedding of only 40 or 50 guests should definitely go with individual wedding cakes that will flatter more each wedding attendant if you decide to create personalized decoration for them. But not only smaller, simpler and tight budget weddings can embrace individual wedding cakes but those grandiose, modern and larger wedding affairs as well.

In fact, contemporary brides and grooms who are planning on spending a trendy wedding fancy more the idea of bringing a diversified modern cupcake wedding cake stand, a mini candy bar or a buffet to serve each guest with any flavor and frosting he likes more. Individual wedding cakes are definitely part of the latest trend in wedding cake’s fashion and people are starting to consider this idea more and more. Any bite-sized cake beautifully and deliciously adorned with different kinds of flavors can make the day of any guest.11

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