Individual Mini Wedding Cakes

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If you’re planning a smaller wedding with a more casual, simple, unsophisticated and yet dainty, stylish and chic style and character, then you should definitely go with an individual mini wedding cake or with a superb and inspired alternative to the big, elaborated and layered formal traditional wedding cake. A great idea is to choose a personalized individual mini wedding cake, a cupcake wedding cake, a candy bar or a truffle buffet.

Each of these unique, adorable and creative types of wedding cakes or alternatives wedding cakes is great for a trendy small or large wedding. More and more brides and grooms seem to fancy the idea of having a less conventional and sober wedding cake that has a more cheerful, playful, artistic and vibrant aspect. But let’s find out some more about truffle wedding buffets.

These tiny sweet “creatures” can make the best alternative choice to the pompous and grandiose classic wedding cake. They are more than elegant, fancy, delicate, stylish and appetizing, perfect for any modern nuptial party. But most of all, chocolate truffle wedding buffets are extremely romantic, sleek and fashionable. They can lift up any sober wedding atmosphere and turn it into a more inviting, creative and relaxed one. Truffles are renowned because of their rich chocolate candy ganache flavor that can melt anyone’s heart forever. It doesn’t matter how you decide to use them: as wedding favors, as wedding cake decorations, as parts of the desert buffets or as bridesmaid’s favors, the result is exceptional. No one can refuse a chocolate truffle.

Therefore, you can go even further and choose an individual mini wedding cake stand composed of multiple chocolate truffles designed, flavored, colored and decorated in different ways, just to suit every single guest’s taste. There are several types of chocolate truffles, that include more aromas and flavor filling combinations, besides the classic cacao flavor, such as butter-cream, delicious milk chocolate, extravagant dark chocolate, elegant white chocolate, rum, mint, champagne, caramel, espresso, cherry liqueurs, almonds, nougat, lime, orange, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, mangos or other fruit flavors, hazelnuts, mocha, peanut butter, eggnog, cappuccino, pumpkin or any other chewy or spicy flavors.

Depending on your personal taste and the wedding’s location, style and season, choose to shape the truffle sin various styles: round, square, bells, heart-shaped, hexagonal, flat-based oval, triangular, butterflies or stars. You can choose to over a truffle individual mini wedding cake with coarse sugar, royal icing, cocoa powder, crushed nuts, icing drizzles or any other flavored pattern that go well with a chocolate flavor. Mix various flavors, fillings, colors and shapes to obtain a more abundant, sophisticated, personalized and unique flattering look. Adorn the truffles with matching real or edible bows, ribbons, pearls or beadings.11

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