In A Wedding Set Which Ring Comes First?

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Engagement and wedding moments are two of the most important moments in a woman’s life and they represent very much for both of the members of the couple, for the man and for the woman but for women they usually have a greater importance than for men and this thing is also obvious when it comes to ceremonies because they are the center of the ceremonies .
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Also in the engagement moment, the central person of the ceremony is the woman because she is the one who is proposed to marry and she is offered the engagement ring ; at the wedding ceremony, it is true, that both, the groom and the bride, because they create love vowels for the the wedding moment and they get married in front of God and of the whole world because they are blessed by God with the help of the priest ; in that moment the couple makes exchanges of wedding bands, the wedding rings and in this way they are the center of the ceremony but still the bride is the main actor of the wedding, because she is the one that is expected by all to walk in the church dressed in the white long wedding dress . Of course, because the woman is given two rings as wedding rings, comes the question of which ring comes first in a wedding set .

There have been lots of habits regarding the placement of the wedding rings especially for women rather than for men because they have both of the wedding rings which form the wedding set . From ancient times, when the ancient Greeks established a habit of placement of the wedding rings, the rings have been worn in this way almost in every corner of the world, no matter the culture, the religion or the country they belonged to with little exceptions .

Because wedding and engagement rings are given in the name of love that is the link between two people, the Greek though that they should wear the wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand because in those times, it was believed that on the fourth finger of the left hand there was placed a blood vein that was directly connected with the heart and in this way the rings would be connected directly with the heart and that included also the feelings that they had for each other and which were symbolized by the wedding rings that were worn on that finger .

When it comes to talk about the question of which ring comes first in a wedding set, the answer is the engagement ring because the engagement takes places before the wedding and in that moment the woman is given the engagement ring and she wears it also on the fourth finger of the left hand and from that moment she does not stop to wear it, so the wedding band is placed on the same finger but after the engagement ring .11

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