Ideas For Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

Wedding Decorations | May 31 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Wedding centerpieces are the main attraction at the wedding reception. They stand out with the impressive appearance. Beside this, wedding centerpieces set the mood: they must create the proper decor: an intimate or a romantic one, depending one each ones wish.

There are numerously options and ideas foe wedding centerpieces, but choosing a type of it depends on several things. On the one hand, wedding centerpieces should compel the whole wedding decor, theme and style. On the other hand, they have to be affordable regarding the price. One of the most commonly met wedding centerpiece type is with wedding flowers arrangements.

Flowers match to any type of wedding and the payment is not a concern, especially if one chooses seasonal flowers. Consequently, flowers as wedding centerpieces are suitable from any point of view. But, such type is a common type, one of the most requested and you want for your wedding something different. And as the wide range of options is for any taste, let’s see what options one has for the wedding centerpieces without flowers.

First in specialists list are candles. They are suitable for any type of wedding, no matter the location, theme and decorations. They have different shapes and colors, an aspect that makes them so wanted. Apart from this, they can be combined with any other decorative items. And the range of options is various: floating candles, tall ones, those set in candlesticks.

Furthermore, fruits have become also a requested wedding centerpiece, as they can be eaten. Especially citrus fruits are needed. They will be a delight after eating the wedding food. And the design is a magnificent one: a game of color and tastes mixture.

Apart from this, the list of wedding centerpieces without flowers continues with feathers. Ostrich feather are so appreciated as they impress with the imposing aspect. This type of wedding centerpiece is indicated for a spacious location.

Depending on the wedding theme, one can choose to express it through wedding centerpieces. In other words, decorative items representative for the whole wedding can replace the flowers. For example, a beach wedding theme can be represented by centerpieces as oysters, sea stars, sand and so on, things related to sea side. Also, an autumn wedding can have leaves of different colors as centerpieces or a Christmas wedding can have mistletoe or balls as centerpiece.

All things considered, wedding centerpieces can have a personal style. The easiest way is to use flowers, as those in the bridal bouquet and flowers arrangements for decorating the location. But there are other ways, more fashionable and stylish. It all depends first of all on your wedding theme. And then on your budget, then on your wish. As you can see there is a long list to fallow. You have more work to do but the final result is worthwhile.


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