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This is an inedited article and very interesting, especially for those who believe in astrology and trust their zodiacal sign. If you think that there is no link between your sun sign and the venue of your wedding, think again! We found a few tips concerning this subject that we would like to share with those who have a special interest in these types of things.

The space you choose for your wedding ceremony has to be special. It has to feel right and perfect for you. Just like your home feels inviting and on your taste, the wedding location should feature the same vibe. You will feel it the moment you walk in it. The most important thing when selecting the wedding location is not necessarily the amplitude or facilities but the vibe and feel of the space. Both of you need to be on the same page at this chapter.

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But you can learn more about the types of venues that can suit you and your fiancé based on your zodiacal sign before making any decision. We think this criterion is unique and very fun! It’s obvious that the majority of couples are in different sun signs. In this case, you should look for the best compromise so that the two of you can enjoy the wedding space. Aries is the sign of those who love breaking with tradition and choose something innovative and less popular. This means that an exotic location can fit your adventurous nature.

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Taurus signs are nature lovers. They feel more comfortable if getting married in an alfresco venue, like in a forest grove, on an open field or at a vineyard. Gemini signs are tempted to change their style very often. Experts in field recommend Gemini to choose two different locations – one romantic for the ceremony, and one more fun for the festive party! If you are a Cancer you should know that you are very linked to your home and family. Choose a home wedding and invite all your close friends and family for a very comfy and relaxing event. Or you can choose your favorite restaurant that serves your favorite food.

144357 ideal wedding locations Ideal Wedding Locations

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Are you a Leo? Then you should choose a stylish wedding in a glamorous location, such as a luxurious hotel. Virgo signs love outdoors venues so they should choose a green wedding in a local park or garden. Libras are the romantic signs of the zodiac and they love fairytale weddings planned in style. Scorpio signs love private weddings. Sagittarius love to travel and they should choose a foreign dream destination. Capricorns are for the traditional wedding in a church. Aquarius brides or grooms love unusual locations, while Pisces are for the seaside wedding style.



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