Hydrangea Wedding Cakes

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A wedding cake at a wedding with blue decorations can be incredibly decorated with blue hydrangea flowers. This way, the supreme moment of the reception is part of the wedding theme, and makes this in the most original and refined way. A fabulous wedding cake is a big surprise for the end of a party of reference for everyone.

All participants at your wedding will need to know from the first moment that they are guests at a dream moment, with an exceptional originality and grandeur – a special wedding with blue decorations. The bride, props, the explosion of color and the ubiquitous blue hydrangeas, will evoke luxury and elegance of an imperial court. Wedding invitation is the first sign of the things to come. Print this invitation on pretentious paper or send it in an electronic format. You can print from this settlement pattern a card for the wedding table (place card), reducing the model of the invitation and printing the name of each participant.

Hydrangea Wedding Cakes

Hydrangea Wedding Cake from sugarsnapnyc.com

Decorating the seats for the guests at the wedding with blue hydrangea flowers can be another odea. This arrangement for the back seats is made simple: hydrangea blue flowers are already made bouquets by nature, and the white organza ribbon, the kid, or silk, depending on the budget can be realized even by the bride or her friends and attached to the chair.

The symbol of the blue color worn at the wedding was adopted because express loyalty and purity, and the option for the wedding decorations in blue has exactly this meaning. Exposed on large areas, this color, which is the one that represents the universe and which induces a feeling of serenity, peace, and deep communion with nature and its mysteries, of which love is the most important and most beautiful. That’s why blue was considered a sign of good luck for the life which begins from the day of the wedding, and is traditionally worn by brides to be at seen or hidden, but with manifested confidence in her magical effects. Blue, exposed in the different scenes which you adorn the most important day of your life, can create the feeling of being surrounded by a familiar, friendly and loved and can help you pass safely over the intense emotions that you live at your wedding. See also a proposal for a wedding dress decorated with blue.

Hydrangea Wedding Cakes

Hydrangea Wedding Cake from cakesbywendybrown.com

A happy way to invite the blue color near your heart is the bride’s bouquet of hydrangeas. Hydrangea is a flower brought from the ancient times from Japan, where was the most important jewel of the imperial gardens. And where it can find a better place an imperial flower than in the arms of the a bride? Hydrangea harmonizes beautifully with white flowers, especially with the elegance of the white rose. You must also know that the flower itself, along with the blue color has a special significance: it suggests love, gratitude, love sincere. So I think that is an excellent choice to also create a special hydrangea wedding cake.

Hydrangea flower is suitable for a variety of combination possibilities for the wedding decorations in blue. Bridesmaids can have mastery bouquets of hydrangea combination and white roses, decorated with pearls and sequins, as a modest replica of the bouquet that the bride is wearing. All the guests can receive small “bagdes” from the same floral composition. A gorgeous flower arrangement, a blue decoration for the wedding table can be made of blue hydrangeas. There will be only a simple jar in which to arrange flowers such as beautiful blue hydrangeas and white roses.11

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