Hunting Wedding Cakes

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With so many unique and innovative designs, styles, themes, shapes, color-schemes, decorative elements and toppers, couples of today don’t have to stick to the same old traditional white plain wedding cake. The choices are numberless and the chances of finding a superb non-conventional wedding cake are infinite.

Every one can decide to personalize their wedding cake just the way they want to, following their own imagination, vision, creativity to reflect a certain hobby, favorite activity, object, movie scene, etc. Don’t’ be afraid to stray from the traditional etiquettes of the wedding cakes and try something really distinctive, unusual and fanciful. A very innovative and unusual theme for wedding cakes is the hunting theme.

It seems that more and more couples, especially grooms fancy a hunting wedding cake that can complement a green or a nature themed wedding. The hunting wedding cakes are usually the choice for groom’s wedding cakes, because of the masculine and unusual theme. Brides who want to surprise their fiancés can always order or have a custom-made hunting wedding cake that can flatter the groom’s taste. Grooms should know that they aren’t damned or limited to those fruit or chocolate boring traditional groom’s wedding cakes only.

The final choice is only yours, and you definitely have lots of possibilities to have a superb, individualized and unique groom’s wedding cake that can better reflect your personality, style, vision and taste. When you think of hunting wedding cakes don’t picture only those hunter figurine placed on top of the cake but also imagine the theme spread all over the cake through different accents and decorative elements sculpted into the cake’s tiers.

Choose a two or three tiered wedding cake so you can decorate each tier with different parts of the hunting process and create a more abundant, complex and fantastic scene. An example of a superb hunting wedding cake can picture a tier colored and decorated in a green camouflage style, the second tier made of beige or maroon fondant with antler and the last tier, meaning the top of the cake picturing a beautiful fall foliage scene or motifs. Choose edible hunting figurines made out from gum-paste, such as mini trees, bushes, leaves, branches, benches, cottages, etc. If you’re a fan of this sport, choose a sculpted hunting wedding cake that can express your personals style and activity.

Use feathers, hunting dogs, deer stands, antlers, vests, shotguns, bullets or any animal shapes like deer, duck, quail, turkey or pheasant. If you decide to go with a sheet hunting wedding cake, use plastic hunting figurines or scenes and frosting. Airbrush your favorite game, sport or hunting scene to obtain a more realistic aspect. Use a photo of your fiancé hunting and place it on top of the hunting wedding cake for a more personalized look.11

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