Hungarian Weddings

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The Hungarian nation has a great heritage of wedding traditions. Getting married in the Hungarian cultural environment brings a lot of joy and happiness. A wedding is a common opportunity to have as much fun as possible. Hungarian people like to sing and dance a lot on the wedding receptions, enjoying delicious food and drinks, talking and dancing, having a very good time together.

Weddings are wonderful occasions on which one can meet his/her relatives and friends in a general atmosphere of joy and fun. The Hungarian wedding ceremony customs include special wedding songs. Popular folk musicians and bands are hired to ensure the good mood for the wedding guests and to entertain them during the whole wedding ceremony. If you have decided to plan a Hungarian wedding, you`ll need the advice of your wedding expert, concerning the wedding music performed on your wedding day. A long wedding party in which funny jokes, songs and good dance music are all important is waiting for you after your civil and church ceremony. Let yourself involved in the various wedding customs, enjoy the surprises that wait for you on your wedding day!

The traditional Hungarian wedding ceremony has an ancient protocol of customs, a special settlement in what concerns the way in which you can invite the guests, the special customs for meeting the bride`s and the groom`s parents and relatives, special rules for celebration and for the wedding reception. Hungarian people used to celebrate weddings with the help of extremely high skilled Gypsy and Hungarian folk music bands. These folk musicians are famous for their talent and their gift of reciting poems, singing special wedding songs dedicated to the young couple and to their relatives. The wedding party has its particular parts for getting the bride and the groom and their parents on the dance floor.

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Special wedding foods will be served for you and traditionally, the whole menu will be introduced by a special musical background. The music is the soul of every Hungarian wedding ceremony. You`ll enjoy the traditional rhythms of Hungarian folk music. We are talking actually about “peasant music” from the Hungarian regions of the ancient Pannonia, especially from Transylvania, Moldova and Slovakia. Hungarian music folklore is not limited in Hungary. The czardas is a common wedding music style for example. I suggest you to watch Hungarian wedding music videos online! Choose from them!

If you have Hungarian ancestors, the Hungarian folk music belongs to your cultural heritage, be proud of it, it is worldwide famous! Enjoy the musical world of joy and happiness on your wedding day, too! Many international music composers and music bands are using Hungarian folk themes when choosing their wedding music. You can find artists performing Hungarian music rhythms wordwide, in UK, in USA, all over Europe and in America. Enjoy the most famous Hungarian drink called “Palinka” which is popular in every Hungarian region. It`s a spirit drink, which will drive all your wedding guests to the dance floor. So, the spirit of Transylvanian village music is waiting for you to discover and to enjoy. The Palinka band from London will ensure an unforgettable day of joy, laughing and good mood. Search for them on the Internet and find their folk music blog, too! Keep in touch with your worldwide famous cultural heritage, and offer your guests the precious musical background of your Hungarian ancestors!

Try to do some gymnastic exercises, as traditional weddings may last three days. You`ll find your rest time, too, don`t worry. But prepare good shoes for your wedding reception, as you`ll have to dance a lot! Your best man will ensure the good mood of your wedding guests, and he will take care of the music background and food as well.

The wedding planning, including the invitation of the wedding guests is the responsibility of the best man in the Hungarian wedding tradition. The Hungarian money dance is a joyful part in the wedding party. Pray for generous male guests, you`ll need the money for a magic honeymoon! I would offer you a selection of popular Hungarian wedding songs, but I simply cannot choose from them. Search for Tori Amos albums on the Internet and buy them online! Take part in as many Hungarian weddings as possible! Accept every invitation to a traditional Hungarian wedding! The Hungarian music is magic!11

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