How To Start A Wedding Planning Business By Cho Phillips Chapter Five Documentation

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Preparing and organizing a wedding is not an easy process. As a good wedding planner you need to be always prepared, focused on details and organized. But in order to become a good wedding planner you need advice, hard work and experience. Advice on how to begin a solid wedding planning business is offered by Cho Phillips in his book “How to Start a Wedding Planning Business” in chapter five called “Documentation”.
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But let’s start with a little presentation of the book. It has been written by two authors: Cho Phillips and Sherrie Wilkolaski and has 24 chapters. Beside this, the book also presents a dedication, an introduction, a preface, a glossary and a list of wedding associations and vendors. During its 24 chapters, you are presented details about the functions of a wedding planner, types of wedding ceremonies, music,  the relationships established with the bride, vendors, other wedding planners, marketing your wedding planning business, public relations, certification, philanthropy or details about the big day .

I consider chapter five, “Documentation and Goals” from Cho Phillips’ book “How to Start A Wedding Planning Business” very important, because you are revealed here the importance of documentation, how documentation about your  business plays a vital role in the success of the business and how you can set goals for yourself and for your business. It is important as a wedding planner to be prepared for many hypothetical situations. If the bride becomes hysterical, if the wedding cake misses its decorations, if the leader of the band is a little drunk, if you have unwanted company etc. these are all situations that you have to take care of.

But also, in order for your wedding planning company to be successful you need to document yourself about the paperwork, signatures or money. These are very important elements because if you want your future company to develop you have to resolve all the bureaucratic “affairs”. A legal business will always be seen with better eyes than one that misses a signature or an approval. And remember that if people trust you and notice that you are professional they will always come back or recommend you to a friend.

I am not going to tell you more about Cho Phillips and Sherrie Wilkolaski’s book “How to Start a Wedding Planning Business”, but if you want to have it you can go to the library or better, order it from home. On you can order the book at the price of  83,77 pounds and you have postage and packing for free.

I believe it is a wonderful book that teaches many valuable things, especially for those who are eager to learn more about wedding planning. Not many books manage to explain with so many details and examples what this job means. And don’t forget about the list from the end of the book where you find a lot of useful names from this industry, which will come very in handy, especially if you are new in this business. So what are you waiting for?11

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