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You can make wedding bows in your house, saving important money for other wedding activities and products. If you want to find a video that shows you how to create the perfect wedding bow, you have to enter YouTube and simply write what you want to find. But I want to recommend something different; taking into account that bows are interesting handmade products (those that are handmade, that is), today I want to discuss with you about how to create wedding bows, after reading an article on

First of all, you have to know that wedding bows are not all of them the same. We can have floral bows, graduated loop bows, tailored bows, basic faux bows, puffy bows, picture hanger bows, layered bows, triple floral bows and many others.

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Floral bows are the most popular ones, probably because they have the largest variety of loop sizes. You can make a large loop by using the satin or other material that you use around the outside of the bow and then by gradually decreasing the amount of fabric used towards of the center. The operation is extremely easy and I will describe it for you. The first thing you need to do is to cut a portion of the material you want to use; we have selected satin, because this is the most appropriate for a wedding. Let's say that you have selected 1 m of satin. The next thing that is in order is to pinch the ribbon and make a loop, leaving the desired length for the remaining material. This is the so-called “tail”. Then you will continue making loops until you will remain without satin. However, if you don't secure the center of the bow with a wire or cotton, your flower will not be stable. If you use wires, you need to buy them from specialized stores, that sell accessories and tools for handmade products. After this, you have to fan out the loops and cut the tails at a certain angle.

121828 how to make wedding bows video How To Make Wedding Bows Video

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Another great wedding bow is the layered one, that contains two or more separate bows, connected one to another, thanks to the use of glue or simply by twisting the wires that you have used when you have created them. Usually, they use different colors and patterns, so that to create a unique design. The operation is much more easier than the first one, because it assumes you to use, as I have said earlier, two or more separate bows. To be more precise, two or more floral bows, that can be manufactured by following the previous method.



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