How To Make Flowers For Wedding Cakes

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Planning the details of your wedding event you reach to the one that although will take some time in making it, it reveals itself as a rewarding outcome especially when presented to the assembly of your guests: the decoration of your wedding cake. Deciding to have your home-cooked cake, once someone from your peers has taken the task upon herself, you reach to the point of making the decoration. In this respect there are several options: either you choose to decorate the cake with natural fresh flowers or go with a colored icing and bonbons to ‘powder’ the icing, or you might want to have edible flowers to colorfully and edible fill the overall aspect of your wedding cake.
If you choose for the last alternative, this one proves most of the times the detail that completes the symbolism that is carried within the displaying of such edible piece of dessert: sharing. It is known that the wedding cake once it is introduced in the ambient of a wedding reception, the part where bride and groom are already pronounced as husband and wife, the significance of the cake cutting comprises the meaning of supporting – when husband and wife hold together the knife in the gesture of cutting the cake’s slice – and the meaning of sharing – when they share a bite out of the cut slice for afterwards to share the cake with their wedding guests.

Having the opportunity to share the entire cake, including the edible flowers, is an occasion that you present to the invitees in your desire to thank them for witnessing the most important event of your life. At the same time, the completely edible cake fills in the symbolism of sharing the event with the wedding guests that have chosen to attend to your wedding celebration with their wishful thoughts and good mood. The presence of their positive energy will fill your heart with joy, thus both of you will make the first steps into the new life in a high state of mind peace.

Therefore the option of making edible flowers reveals itself as a great idea; instructions on how to make flowers for wedding cakes could be found online in the DIY wedding cake and decoration, these instructions offering various possible ways of doing the final touches to the overall aspect of your wedding cake. And as such are presented decorations as sugar pasted flowers, geometrical shapes, birds, even animal figures that you may find simple to replicate while ‘playing’ with the sugar paste, known also as ‘rolled fondant’ or ‘gum paste’. Gum paste flowers for wedding cakes are very popular and they display creator’s talent in a very pleasurable manner.

This gum paste can be found as ready made inside the bakers or pastry shops, and either you purchase it from there to save some of your precious time or make it on your own with the help of the recipe displayed online on various sites. The good thing is that this gum paste is presented exactly as a clay which can be easily formatted in the desired shape, and following the online instructions of how to make flowers for wedding cakes, you can come with the type of flowers that can be colored in the shades of your wedding festivity.

Adding this minor colored detail to the design of your wedding cake confers your wedding atmosphere the unity and the effect that you have always been after, right from the dawns of your do-it-yourself wedding planning.11

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