How To Make Floral Centerpieces For A Wedding

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If you are a very independent bride who likes to take matters into her own hands, making your wedding centerpieces should be quite easy for you. Start by choosing a theme and then choose the flowers. Look for some wholesale shops online because it will be a lot cheaper to order your flowers. You can find a variety of flowers and you can choose just one flower type or more. For a rustic theme, wildflowers are your best choice. They are very colorful and you can use them in many different looks. Renting the container is also a much more affordable solution, but if you are not looking to cut back on some costs, buying them is also a choice.

These vases can be clear ones or they can be colored ones. You can add the flowers in some simple cylinder vases or cut the stems and make your bouquets a lot smaller. Round vases are ideal for this look. You can add marbles in these containers and secure the flowers. This will also give your flower arrangements a much more interesting look. The whole point in creating these arrangements on your own is to be as creative as you can. There are no limits to what you can and what you can use. If you want to combine flowers with twigs you can do so. For a beach theme, use orchids in the silk version.

How To Make Floral Centerpieces For A Wedding

How To Make Floral Centerpieces For A Wedding (Photo by: Samantha Lauren Photographie)

You can surround this arrangement with tea light candles or add a square cut mirror underneath the container. You can of this look for any theme you have in mind. You can also bake cupcakes and use sugar flowers as part of your table décor. When you think of flower centerpieces you do not necessarily have to think of silk or real flowers. The edible version can also be included as long as it matches your theme and as long as this is what you want. The paper flower version is another idea you can use. There are endless choices, you just have to find the right one for your budget. 


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