How to create your own top wedding love songs?

Wedding Party | November 14 2013 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

I think that in the last period I was asked by lots of brides-to-be about tops wedding love songs and somehow these questions it sounds weird for me. Lots of my friends asked me this questions because I’m that type of person who listen an amount of musical genres but I cannot say that I’m simply in love with a single type. I like country music, also dance and oldies, I like new age songs, reggae (especially Rastafarian music with that Jamaican cheerful and optimistic rhythm), I also like rock and roll, pure rock, pop music and …yes, finally all types of music. I must admit that I have some favorite songs from each musical genre. Personally, exactly these songs would form a top love song because I love them and all those melodies lead me from one mood to another one. I think that big changes don’t occur even that I must talk about top wedding love songs.
The rule is the same. Probably you were expecting to find in this article a real top with lots of love songs suitable for such an important and unique moment in the life of every person. I hope you won’t be disappointed if I tell that my article isn’t quite about this thing, is not about a top with songs that I’ve heard at weddings, or I read encouraging reviews about them. On the contrary, my article is more a simple piece of advice which I believe you should cater for when creating your own wedding play list. Is good to get informed and inspired from as many magazines, sites and blogs as possible, but still you should keep your personal style, you should name on the first place your desires, your pleasures…even if we talk about musical pleasures. Finally, is your wedding and if you want a unique unforgettable wedding, I truly believe that you should give away all the standards or the stereotypes and all the tasks you must accomplish, cope them with patience and passion. For me, top wedding love songs, as the name says, is about melodies you love, not about melodies for lovely moment because these are already standards.

Just writing a simple keyword or simply clicking on Google, you’ll find an amount of tops wedding love songs where Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Brian Adams and the list can continue, have the first places. Yes, I enjoy their music and probably their songs are in a corner of my mind when is about to take a calm break and feed my soul with relaxing sounds or sublime lyrics. Create your wedding playlist with your soul, not with your mind. All that you love is in your soul, not on the internet, not in my article. For giving you a little animus, I’ll write my own top wedding love songs and I warn you that is a short one because what my soul is in love with, unfortunately is in small quantity. Other warn: my top is suitable for a wedding. So here I start:

-“Chasing cars” performed by Snow Patrol;

-“She’s the one” performed by Robbie Williams;

-“Clocks” performed by Coldplay;

-“Buy me with a coffee” performed by Urma;

-“Dance me to the end of love” performed by Leonard Cohen;

-“Moon” performed by Klaus Waldeck;

-“Yuna” performed by Adiemus;

-“Pina Colada” performed by Rupert Holmes;

-“Kingston town” performed by UB40;

-“Street of Philadelphia” performed by Bruce Springsteen.

Well, now it’s your turn. What are the melodies you fallen in love with exactly at the first sound?11

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