How to alter a wedding gown?

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Many brides-to-be are wondering¬† <strong>how to alter a wedding gown</strong>, but few are thinking that only if they iron their<a href=””> gown</a> can totally change its look. Actually, the last step in preparing the wedding dress is ironing. Ironing must be done in a day or two before the big event. While many stressed brides-to-be opt for<a href=””> dress ironing by professionals</a>, find out that you can perform yourself this simple operation.
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Ironing your bridal dress is a simple operation because lots of women know how to iron and secondly, ironing is the simplest and easiest answer to your question: <strong>”How to alter a wedding gown</strong>?”. If you are enough competent, find out that you even can make plaits to your gown using the iron. <br /> <em>Note</em>: When you <a href=””>iron your dress</a>, use an average temperature without steam and make sure you do not have water in the ironing machine, because it can drip and leave prints on your dress. If you have some stubborn creases that don’t move, fill a spray bottle with water and spray a thin layer on the dress.

If you choose to iron yourself the wedding gown, <em>here is what you need</em>: an iron, an ironing board, a soft towel, a spray bottle, paper handkerchiefs, a sheet, two hangers, two rolls of ribbon and some pins.

Seven steps to ironing your dress
Start with the bodice. If your dress is straight, you can iron it on the surface. But if it has many ribbons and ornaments, you will need to iron inside the bodice, placing on the ironing board a soft towel. <br /> After you’ve finished ironing the bodice, you must take care of the sleeves. Using gloves for ironing or insulating materials, iron the sleeves on your hand. After you finished, insert the paper handkerchiefs into the sleeves so don’t won’t crease. Then iron the ornaments, using gloves and fill them with and handkerchiefs after you’ve finished. <br /> To iron the trail, find a place where you can hang one, about 15 inches above the floor. Start with the seam side and then continue with the face and then the back dress. Iron the trail along the entire length, from waist to hem. After you have completed the process of ironing, using the pins, catch the trail with two rolls of ribbons and hang it on a hanger (if you do not find rolls of ribbon, use a skirt hanger). <br /> Your dress won’t crease till the wedding day, if you’ll hang it on a threshold. Stretch a sheet on the floor and then hang the dress on a hook or on the top edge of the door. Now carefully sat the trail over the sheets. If possible, catch the trail on hangers and hung it in front of the room opposite the front of your dress. <br /> To carry the dress,¬† unite two hangers and put it in a protective cover. When you open the cover, your dress will have no fold – and you will be ready to go to the altar!>11

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