How Long Should Men’s Fingernails Be

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This is a very tough question because that depends on everyone.In our days, are a lot of things that can influence that thing but it is not a good fact because hygiene and cleaning is everything.

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I really do not what to say, sincerely, I am a a woman with big expectations, and so, when i first saw may husband, yet  then he was not my husband, but since I saw him the first time I knew that he will be, but that is not the subject of this article.

So, if a man wants to make a good impression, beside his clothes, shoes and of course his car he must have a clean manicure;and when I say manicure I do not mean that he must go at the manicure and do his nails, and to polish them, no,clean I mean short,without sand or oil.


As we know that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, hands are the first thing that is seen when you meet some one, and you shake hands.

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Men should take good care of their hands and finger nails because they are a part of their body too, and they need the same attention we do to other parts of our body.

A man”s finger nail should be as long as their finger allows to be cut.That depends on every person because there are a lot of shapes of finger nails.Some are long,round,quadratic,etc.So about how long the nails of a man must be, it is very hard to tell.

Some of men, are biting their nails,thing that is done also by my son, and they are so bited that you can not tell if he is having a nail or now is growing one.This type of men is very common , but their hands do not look very good at all, and for them is not a problem about the length because no one will complain about that, and for my son I do not worry that he can cut his finger while he is cutting his nails.(If my son is doing that, I does not mean that I agree with that, I have my punishments for him).

In our days,there are a lot of men who are getting ride of this drudgery, by going to a manicure salon, where a nice manicure girl is taking care of his finger nails,by cutting his finger nails, of course, cutting the cutticules, moisturizing their hands, and at the end,  nail polish.

I really have a friend, whom is a very careful man, he is going to spa, to pedicure, at a stylist for his hair, and because he is eating his  finger nails, to manicure.

There is also that kind of men,who are having at their little finger a long, long nail.I saw that especially at those who are smoking,because they are having a new pack of cigarettes, they open it with that finger nail.

Sincerely I admire that kind of men , who are taking care of their body, even if for more is very hard even to shave.

Well, there are some other lucky men, whom wife”s are very carefuller with them and after he is finishing the bath,she is cutting his finger nails, and his toe nails,what can I say, lucky them.


And so,the length of a men”s finger nail is important to be short, and clean because hands are representing us at making the good first impression ,which is very important,even if you go out for a walk, or you go outside to throw the garbage.11

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