Hot pink wedding cakes

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A colorful wedding cake looks very good. Break the patterns and stray from the classical white or ivory and choose something special. You can choose bright colors because they look really good. For example you can try purple, orange, blue, lime green. They look very well so don’t be afraid to use them.
A great color that you can use is pink. Pink is a very lovely and exquisite color that will match perfect to your wedding. Try combinations of pink and black, pink and green or pink and white. They are amazing! Simple pink also looks amazing and you can try it. Pink symbolizes purity, innocence and it is a childish and romantic color. It is perfect for a wedding cake and with the right decorations your cake will totally look breathtaking. If you decide to choose this color for your wedding here are some hot pink wedding cakes that you can select.

Pink definitely goes with almost every theme and looks amazing. For example for a spring wedding theme a pink cake is marvelous. A pink fondant cake or a cream cake is a good idea. Decorate the cake with pink and white butterflies and the effect is really lovely.

For a spring wedding another great idea is decorating the cake with spring flowers. Here you have so many choices. You can select fresh spring flower, sugar- paste flowers or chocolate flowers. They all look great and the edible ones are very tasteful. Tulips, narcissus, lilacs or delphinium are just some of the great spring flowers that you can select from.

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If you decide to have a Valentine’s Day wedding, a pink cake is a magnificent idea. For example a pink heart shaped wedding cake decorated with red and pink hearts looks romantic. Other great Valentine’s idea is a pink wedding cake decorated with chocolate roses. It looks fantastic and you can definitely try it!

A pink fondant cake decorated with cascading pink roses is really splendid. You can add as a cake topper a pair of doves or lovebirds because they look divine. If you really want to jazz up your wedding try a pink three tier fondant cake in shape of a heart. Add black ribbons on every tier and as a cake topper add a monogram in shape of a heart incrusted with Swarovski crystals. It looks just magical.

If you decide for a pink wedding cake you can spice it up with crazy decorations. For example use black and silver decorations because look great with pink. Ribbons, bows, angels, butterflies, are just some of the decorations you can use.

Ideas for pink wedding cakes:
– For an exquisite wedding here is a splendid idea you can try: a three tier pink cake decorated with gathered pink fondant. Here comes the most amazing part: add some diamond butterflies brooches and some silver and white bands on every tier. It is magical and you will surely love it!
– If you are planning a Valentine’s Day wedding here is an idea you might like: a pink fondant wedding cake with three tiers decorated with white fondant rose petals. Add a bouquet of red fondant roses as a cake topper. For a funky look try to mix with the shapes of the cake: use the two top tiers in shape of a heart and the third in a round shape.

If you like pink you should know that is a very good color for a wedding because it is very feminine and elegant. Those were some hot pink wedding cakes for you!11

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