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Memories fade as time passes. Details tend to lose their shape. People need to preserve the most important moments of their lives. Even if a professional photo session can have the same price as a video shoot, in time, you will need more than some dusty albums to rememorize your wedding.

Why should you hire a professional?

Some basic professional packages are not expensive. Their price can vary between 400 and 900 $, the same amount of money you need for a photo session. In this way, you will avoid the considerable risks of hiring an amateur who can ruin the entire video by capturing shaking images and insufficiently lightened. A professional will have the best equipment, camera batteries will not cease in the middle of the ceremony and he can perform minimal video editing. In addition, there are some other optional offers that include two cameras, reception additional video captures and special video editing. Luxury offers may vary between 2000 and 10000$, the point being that there are packages for everyone.

Hiring Wedding Video (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Hiring Wedding Video (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Video scenarios

Your videographer must know from the very beginning what moments to capture. Beside classical sequences such as cutting the cake or the couple’s first dance, he might suggest other special points of view and filming angles. Both the camera operator and the wedding planner have to agree on some particular scripts that will enlight aspects of the ceremony. They also have to decide which of the footage will appear on the final video and the musical ambience preferred. Finally yet importantly, the professional must be familiarized with the shooting places, decors, light and power sources of the location.

About amateurs

Many couples who cannot afford specialized wedding shooting or just want to save some money will ask friends or relatives to do that job. These amateurs need special guiding lines such as checklists, light sources, no zooming requests, no drinking while filming and so on. They also do not have to film backlit objects or people while they eat. Some stills may be included, especially when ceremony ends and many people congratulate the couple. Tripods must be permanently supervised because children consider cameras extremely interesting.

Wedding Video Shooting (Source: bridalbuzz.dmagazine.com)

Wedding Video Shooting (Source: bridalbuzz.dmagazine.com)

Final advices

Professionals are preferable not only because of their experience. They are able to take interesting interviews among guests and they know lots of tricks and special effects. They simply may cover bad shots and turn unpleasant situations into special frames. They know how to improvise and they do not need you to take care of them. Your wedding is a unique moment, so you cannot risk a bad video shooting, whatever will be the price.


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