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Hinduism is the religion of the people living in India dominating their life and their way of celebrating the events that cross their existence, but that doesn’t mean that weddings are performed in the same religious manner. The Indian culture describes a marriage as a rite that enables two individuals to begin their journey into a married life guided by three essential values: harmony, happiness, and growth. There are many ways to have a Hindu wedding celebrated, but Hindu wedding gowns generally preserve the same pattern: the bride wears a lehenga choli, the most popular wedding gown to belong to the Indian brides.
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This specific gown is created by designers who use zardosi embroidery in order to confer the bridal lehenga a beautiful and elegant aspect. Lehenga choli is composed by two garments: choli – which is a short fitted blouse that comes with lehenga – a long skirt colorfully enriched with floral patterns or various decorative symbols; both of them are embellished by the presence of a large sari which comes as a shawl on top of these two pieces of garment.

Browsing through the online pages of these Hindu wedding gowns, one is pleasantly surprised by the aspect of these colorful gowns, coming across images of Indian brides wrapped in beautifully decorated lehenga cholis wearing the saris on top with gestures to reveal the sinuous moves of the Indian dances. And as such we see green lehenga choli made of faux georgette embroidered with beads, stone and sequins on both choli’s edges and those of the lehenga. The sari coming on top is part of the same deep green fabric displaying the same pattern of embroidery.

Other Hindu wedding dresses are displayed by brides wearing a pink upada pure silk sari having a golden border to cover a matching in color choli with the same woven golden border for the hem and for the 7 inches long sleeves. Another stunning wedding outfit is composed by a blue sari made of georgette fabric embroidered in an Antique style covering the same pieces of garments – the choli and the lehenga – with matching embroidery.

Though many of these attires have different colors, the main color favored by the Indian brides in the traditional sort of speak, is the red color – this is the one to symbolize growth and happiness, this one being found in both the bride’s choice of gown and in groom’s robe and scarf. Maroon is also a color to be favored especially that is the one contained in henna, the red-brownish powder with which the bride’s hands and parts of the body are tattooed symbolizing joy and happiness. The shower of flowers in wedding in hinduism brings a lot of happiness too, and it is one of the most used hindi motives in the occidental weddings.

The diversity of rites that accompanies the displaying of a Hindu wedding is seen also in this variety of Hindu wedding attires, many of the Indian brides choosing nowadays styles to combine the traditional Indian style with the Western bridal appearance. This fact is seen in the various approaches, fashion designers have chosen to represent the image of an Indian bride who although is in search of her Indian identity and roots still looks for new details to be inserted in the aspect of her bridal appearance.11


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