Heart Shaped Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | May 13 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

For those of you who are looking for a romantic idea for the wedding cake can always choose the heart-shape design. The heart shaped wedding cake is always an enchanting, truly charming and fanciful wedding desert that manages to impress and sensitize even the most insensitive guest.

It doesn’t really matter what theme or wedding context you choose for a heart shaped wedding cake, as long as the décor has a feminine, delicate, gorgeous, romantic and elegant style. But those of you who want to increase the beauty of a wedding and make it even more romantic, dainty, stylish, inviting and profound can always plan a Valentine’s Day wedding day or theme.

If you’re wedding is going to take place in February, on the 14 Feb or near that day, plan a romantic Valentine’s Day theme and complement it with a superb heart shaped wedding cake. Not only romantic types of brides and grooms seem to fancy the idea of having a heart shaped wedding cake. You will be able to find lots of unusual, whimsical and not too delicate, sweet and romantic themes for this type of cake, such as a gothic theme or any other dark theme existing out there. If you’re planning a gothic renaissance wedding day, opt for a black and pink, black and red, black and orange or a black and green heart shaped wedding cake that can enlighten the dark themed wedding atmosphere and make it more inviting, mysterious, stylish, sensual and chic.

If you’re on to a vintage, retro or an antique wedding, you’d better go with a black and white heart shaped wedding cake, or simply following one of the following color-schemes: blue and orange, brown and pink, cream and brown, black and white, egg-white and brown, green and white, yellow and orange, red and white, yellow and brown or black and yellow.

A heart shaped wedding cake is perfect for any type of wedding: small, lavish, formal, casual, winter or spring wedding. Depending on the style, theme, season, location, character, amplitude and budget of the wedding, you can opt for a single tier heart shaped wedding cake, a two or three tiers heart shaped wedding cake or a cupcake wedding cake stand composed of various and different colored, decorated and flavored heart-shaped cupcakes.

The hearts can be double or simple, depending on your personal style and how much you’re willing to spend on the wedding cake. The best frosting or covering for a heart shaped wedding cake would be the fondant, the marzipan or the butter-cream. If you’re looking for a smoother, delicate, refined and simple finish, opt for a fondant frosting. If you’re hopping for a more tasty and appetizing cake, opt for a butter-cream heart shaped wedding cake.11


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