Heart Shaped Tiered Wedding Cakes

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In our days we use so often the symbol of a heart when it comes to represent symbolically in drawing the feeling of love. We use the stylized depiction of heart whenever we try to colorfully transmit what words can not do in their ‘black and white’ way of expression, the red colored hearts coming as a completion of the message that words transmit in regard to love and affection.

We see this symbol all over, either printed on Valentine’s cards to represent the love we have for one person, or objects that are made in the shape of a heart used as different sentimental gifts next to a flower bouquet. But not too many people are aware of the fact that in the past heart was believed to be the seat of mind, and later was ascribed a metaphoric meaning believed to have divine and spiritual attributes. We find the symbol of heart in Egyptian mythology, where the “Book of the Dead” represents heart -as portion of the soul weighed in a balance against the feather of goddess Ma’at – symbol of truth to reveal the judgment of the dead for their pass into the realm of paradise.

The great philosophers of the ancient times saw heart as the place to host thoughts, reason, emotion or soul, and the religious depictions of Roman Catholic images show Jesus with the heart drawn in the middle of His chest to symbolize the sacred heart of His love for the humankind. Our times associate the shape of heart with romantic love and popular artifacts are often seen to represent this feeling whenever people are looking to deliver the message of love. Wedding couples are counted among the ones to favor using this symbol in order to publicly display their deepest feelings of love. In this respect they insert heart as the most representative image.

Objects in the form of heart can be very decorative elements to populate the atmosphere of your wedding, most couples preferring to order heart shaped tiered wedding cakes for the closing act of their wedding reception event. Choosing this type of wedding cake is not that troublesome, since bridal sites offer a wide range of such of wedding cakes; the only problem is the selection itself among the whole variety. The websites display the most beautifully created heart shaped wedding cakes, either they come in 2, 3 tiers or a simple heart shaped, they are decorated in a wonderful use of imagination and design.

Bakers make use also of different accessories such as ribbons to form bows tied with the aid of tiny sparkling pearls or crystals, or flowers as toppers for the upper layer of heart shaped tiered wedding cakes; on wedding couples’ orders bakers can customize the cakes in their trial to satisfy the customers’ needs to make their products appropriate to the occasion. A multitude of colorful motifs are also present to form lace-like decorations to border the tiers covered with ivy icing in a beautiful, elegant contrast of the designing style.

Heart is the symbol that represents the best the love of a wedding couple and using it in the displaying of your wedding event can only strengthen up the message that a wedding transmits to the guests and as such to the world that witnesses the beautiful event of couple’s life.11

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