Heart shape wedding cakes

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A wedding is a very romantic and unique event in every couple’s life. It is the symbol of love and passion. So if you want to properly celebrate this event be careful at what decorations you choose. A very important piece of the wedding is the wedding cake so check that it fits with the rest of the wedding theme. If you want a really romantic ceremony you can definitely try a heart shaped wedding cake. This is a very popular cake and couples are just nuts about it. The heart shape is the perfect shape to honor their love for each other.
Heart shape wedding cakes are romantic and exquisite so if you want a special wedding try these amazing cakes for your wedding. Here are some fabulous ideas for you.

White cream heart shape wedding cakes
A white cream cake tastes amazing and it looks delightful. It is one of the most popular cakes that couples try for their wedding. Even more exciting than a white cream wedding cake is a white cream heart wedding cake. It looks fantastic and it is a magnificent idea for your wedding.

Try a white cream heart wedding cake decorated with flowers. You can try fresh or pastry flowers like sugar-paste, gum-paste, marzipan or chocolate. They taste really divine. Choose flowers like roses, calla lilies, tulips, daisies, hydrangea, chrysanthemum or other special flowers.

Decorate the cake with cascading, bouquets or flower petals and you will have a really fantastic wedding cake.

Here is a fabulous idea that you can try: a two tier white fondant cake decorated with white fondant roses. Surround every tier with black ribbons. It is a simple and elegant wedding cake that you might like.

Chocolate heart shape wedding cakes
Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors among couples. Its rich taste and amazing texture are perfect for a wedding cake. And beyond that it is a very romantic flavor and it fits perfectly to a Valentine’s Day wedding theme.

Try a chocolate wedding cake in shape of a heart decorated with small fondant hearts. You can try red, pink, white or even purple hearts because they look really exquisite.

Other magnificent decorations for a chocolate heart cake are flowers. Choose fresh white, pink or red roses because in combination with chocolate look amazing and really romantic. Pastry flowers are also a great and tasty idea so try what flowers you like most.

The fruit and chocolate combination is really striking. Not only does it look divine but the taste is charming. So other romantic idea for you is a heart shaped chocolate cake decorated with strawberries. You can decorate your cake with the whole fruit or only with slices. Either way, it looks splendid.

Raspberries, grapes, blueberries or other fruits are also delightful in combination with chocolate so if you try them I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Other ideas for heart shape wedding cakes
Another marvelous cake you can try is a red fondant cake. Decorate it flowers or hearts. White roses are just perfect for a red wedding cake so you can definitely try them.

Pink fondant cakes are also popular and decorated with roses or pink and red hearts look lovely.Two romantic heart shape wedding cakes

Try a three tier chocolate wedding cake in shape of a heart decorated with fresh strawberries. It looks really romantic and it will jazz up your entire wedding.

Choose a two tier white fondant cake in shape of a heart. Decorate it with white and red fondant roses and surround every tier with white satin ribbons and white pearls.

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