Hawaiian Bridal Dresses

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The traditional wedding style is different now, although it sounds paradoxical. We know that this style never changes, but remains the same. So how is it different today? Well, you can choose a different style by going for a cultural wedding. Those of you who want to experience an inedited type of wedding have the opportunity of choosing a foreign location for their wedding.

You can get married on a tropical island for instance and follow the wedding etiquette rules and customs of that area. This is not a bad idea at all, especially for those who are planning on a destination wedding. Let’s take Hawaii for instance. This region is one of the most popular for overseas weddings. Brides and grooms of different ages and personalities decide upon a Hawaii beach for their wedding. And when it comes to wedding attires, the Hawaii type of wear is very specific.

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Hawaiian Bridal Dresses (Source: media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com)

You can go traditional and choose something in the romance of the islands, or something a bit more modern and personalized. It all depends on how you want to look at your wedding! Island weddings are exotic and their vibrancy is very contagious, in a positive way of course. Those who are taking this road should not worry about stiff heavy dresses anymore. The formal gown style is not for destination beach brides. Your Hawaiian wedding dress can be a simple sarong or a sundress. You can pick a beautiful floral print for it, like one based on hibiscus.

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Hawaiian Bridal Dresses (Source: media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com)

Even those who are not going to a real Hawaii beach for their wedding can wear a Hawaii inspired wedding dress. The romantic feel of the islands can be easily recreated at home, even in a backyard! Perhaps you can plan a Hawaii themed wedding on a local beach and then fly to the real island for your honeymoon. Dressing in an island style is not difficult, although this type of wear is more pretentious and perhaps harder to find or put together.

144938 hawaiian bridal dresses Hawaiian Bridal Dresses

Hawaiian Bridal Dresses (Source: media-cache-ec4.pinterest.com)

The traditional Hawaii wedding dress style is the holoku. This is a fitted yoked gown that you can still find in traditional stores. But for a more modern look you can choose from a myriad of contemporary Hawaii inspired wedding dresses. When looking for your Hawaii wedding dress you need to consider a few important aspects. The hem of a beach wedding dress is usually higher. Short wedding dresses are ideal in this case. Anything that falls around the ankles and the knees can work. Anything sleeveless and strapless is adequate as well. Opt for a spaghetti strap or off the shoulders style for a sexier look. Cap sleeves, one shoulder and halter models are also good choices for Hawaiian ceremonies.



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