Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Video

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Hawaiian Islands are one of the most popular wedding destinations in the whole world. Sea lovers choose to say their vows there simply because everything is perfect, and starting a new life in such a paradise can be nothing but a blessing for that new beginning. And since you get there, why not to take a little from the local wisdom and have a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony, which will make a great memory if professionally captured by a camera operator?

Naturally, you will have to get in touch with a reverend to officiate the religious ceremony, who will be able to guide you choosing the processional music. Giving away the bride is something that still a father should do, but the most beautiful part is just about to start after that.

Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Video (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Video (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Couples dreaming to get married in Hawaii are so enthusiasts on the idea of wearing the traditional leis, which are gorgeous floral wreaths. However, those leis are a very important element of the ceremony, because the bride and the groom will exchange them while declaring their love and end the touching moment with a romantic kiss. The shape of the lei, just like its every single flower, are playing the same role as the wedding rings – they symbolize love and commitment, beauty and individual identity of the marriage that is about to start.

Besides for the leis, a Hawaiian wedding ceremony cannot be held without sand, floral circles on the sand, and the light candles. Naturally, holding a candle light on the seashore can be a difficult thing, so there is a rather modern alternative that locals have come up with – the Hawaiian tiki torches. These can be made from wood, bamboo and even iron, but they have a special plait that makes them irresistible.

Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Video (Source: spiritofalohahawaiiweddings.com)

Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Video (Source: spiritofalohahawaiiweddings.com)

Imagine the beauty of the moment on such a ceremony held just around the sunset. However, while you will enjoy every single moment, the videographer might be having a rough time in order to choose the right camera settings. Not to mention that a beach wedding always brings sound troubles for the wedding video. Luckily, there are wind shield microphones that can save the situation.

But getting back to the most important part, the ceremony, you should also try to remember your vows. Those will be said right before exchanging the wedding rings. And the beauty of the ritual is that the wedding rings are held in a koa bowl and have been previously blessed while being immersed in the ocean. This should end your gorgeous ceremony, so go see what the videographer captured.


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