Halter Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 13 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

A pretty delicate, romantic, feminine, stylish and unique design for a beautiful modern wedding dress is the halter neckline style. The halter wedding dresses are known for their flattering and elegant style that works perfect for any kind of wedding and body figure.

This style is so unique, charming and distinctive because it breaks the rules of standard wedding dress designs whose necklines close up with straps that go over the shoulders and not straight up over the neck. Depending on the style and theme of the wedding, a bride can opt for a more sensual, fine and thin strapped halter wedding dress or for a more glamorous, extravagant and expensive design that incorporates jeweled embroideries straps. But there are also unique and enchanting halter wedding dress straps appropriated for a more formal wedding or for a casual wedding.

The halter neckline styles also differ according to the personal preferences, vision and body figure of the bride. Therefore we can find a short v-neck line straps that is extremely popular and appreciated among modern brides who are looking for a flattering and unique look.

This neckline style can also have different styles to give a beautiful and unique accent to the shoulders, such as narrow, shallow, wide, or plunging. The halter wedding dress designs are perfect for any type of body figure, including large or small busted brides. For those plus sized brides, the v-neck line of a halter wedding dress works beautifully in minimizing the chest and the upper arms, emphasizing the shoulders in a lovely way.

The inspired design of the straps that go round the neck is actually a very ingenious design because it can create a more comfortable sexy look. Contrary to the strapless or shoulder straps designs, the halter wedding dresses are making the bride feel less constrained, moreover feeling loosely and clean in matters of extra armpit skin. Brides who have narrow shoulders can choose a softer and unique halter wedding dress design that forms a beautiful and refined square inside the neckline. This design allows brides to hide any small shoulders with the wider outside straps.

A wider strap design can create a slimmer hip effect on those of you who don’t have broad shoulders. Silk satin is the most suitable fabric for this formal and elegant wide strapped halter wedding dress. Another outstanding, chic and contemporary halter wedding dress style is that with thin strings starting from the center of the dress or from the edges of the bodice, depending on what style works more beautifully and suitable for your shoulders, and tying behind the back of the neck. This style is more adequate for slender brides, wishing to accentuate and highlight a beautiful clavicle.11


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  2. jenna

    December 20, 2010 at 3:50 am

    Inspirational wedding dresses. Unfortunately, not exactly what I was looking for, but both are unique and elegant in their own way. The first dress would certainly fit me better, I would vote for it, but I don’t like the embroideries at all. This is why is just inspirational, as I understand now what I am looking for: a more simpler, at the same time unique dress. I love the way the straps go from front to back, in a very sexy way. I like the way it dresses the body and the wavy skirt, which brings comfort and elegance to this wedding gown.


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