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Here is an interesting detail. Rings of Jupiter became the prototype of our beautiful wedding rings. Any meticulous historian argues that humanity is using wedding rings from ancient times, even before they discover Jupiter. It is true! But in those days the wedding ring was just a piece of iron dressing the ring finger. Today it is a masterpiece of jewelry, talisman, charm and decoration.

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Halo wedding rings have a special design that distinguishes them from the rest of the jewelry.  These types of rings have a border of diamonds encompassing a central stone in order to highlight its sparkle. Usually, halo wedding rings are manufactured in accordance with a vintage-like style, but today’s technologies and alternatives leave room for imagination. If it is to refer to technical details, the central diamond is emphasized by a split shank band or even a paved band of smaller diamonds.

Back in those days of discovery…

In the late 70s of the twentieth century, the spacecraft ‘Voyager’ first discovered that Jupiter's rings are composed of a clear main ring and the cloudlike halo inner rings. Romantics around the world are not inclined to such a prosaic description and they credited Jupiter’s rings with a truly mystical significance. Whatever it was, the fact remains unchanged- since the wedding fashion has emerged on the market, the double and triple wedding rings gained momentum.

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Today we are experiencing another boom of a sort of many-sided rings. Typically, a system of rings made of gold of different colors – bright yellow, pink and white. Platinum added to gold is quite a rare combination. However, the appropriate system of rings is completely made of platinum and the outer diameter is usually decorated with precious stones (diamonds). Truly tempting!

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A ring with a surprise

Gold is an extremely gentle and very hospitable metal. He ‘tolerates’ any additions and inclusions. Back in ancient days, the goldsmith had to have a serious headache over such a specific order, because gold melts at high temperatures and this is a pretty laborious and strenuous process. Brides believed that gold not only strengthen their marriage, but also shields them from cheating. So the original ring can be the marker of the beginning of a family legend.  No matter how many years have passed since the wedding, this detail does not stop you reliving those fines and touching moments. A halo type wedding ring is a constant reminder of that sparkle in his or her eyes when in front of the aisle you said “I do” and “till death do us part”.

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Memory for the ages

Jupiter’s rings made famous jewelers from around the world to draw attention to their creations designed for newlyweds. Thus, a jeweler from Alaska ,Cleve Oines have recently introduced the world the “remember ring” equipped with a straightforward chip and an element of power, through which at every anniversary the ring is gradually heated to 49 ° C for exactly 10 seconds and then cooled.  The ring has seven design options, is water and shock-proof. If you want to not forget about anniversary – buy a “do not forget me” ring.

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A modest ring on ring finger

Women are addicted to jewelry. Let indulge yourself (and, again, do not have to rack your brains over what ring to choose). However, the secret of each lady is the dream of a modestly-luxurious wedding ring! In short, if you do not have to endure too more stress, then the only way getting out of this impasse is to take your lover's arm and go to a jewelry shop in order to find the perfect option. As I already said, a halo ring emphasizes the best the attributes of modesty and luxury. Yes, it may be puzzling: how these two antagonistic terms can be put together? Simple: look at a halo wedding ring and you will see what I actually mean.

In the past jewelry was used not only to emphasize the feminine charm and beauty, but was used for very practical purposes: guarding against disease and evil forces, bringing health, prosperity and good fortune. At any rate, this is still believed.  

If you are among the believers, then insist on a ring with a gem. Preference is given to the emerald, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, coral is rarely chosen and pearls. Perhaps your ring will be a real hit and will highlight your sparkling personality.  The popularity of made-to-order wedding rings is growing steadily. With or without patterns, with secret inscriptions or not, halo wedding rings are enough to put you on the spotlight.

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Much more…

But the choice of gem is only half of the battle. Let us estimate the shape and design of the rings. Some people go wide, someone will try and adopt a narrow ring. However, this does not end with these options. For instance, a combination of several narrow rings is a nice approach. By the way, a wide ring can be a fully-fledged label. Engraving is never out of fashion and is never too expensive. Today the main concern is what to choose and where to put it. Monograms, initials, abbreviations or symbols, and perhaps the usual words of love are some of the most used examples.

Jewelry with a notch is very popular with brides and grooms. ‘Diamond face’ on the smooth surface of the ring can be very diverse, as dots, asterisks, dashes. An impressive model, combining two precious metals and a diamond encircled by smaller stones is indeed a great design to be used by extravagant couples.

The custom of carving lines and romantic words of love on the ring originates from the times of Medieval Europe. Especially chic is the inscription along the edge of the diamond.

132460 halo wedding rings Halo Wedding Rings

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Instead of an epilogue

Elegance, brilliance, beauty, versatility ….are some of the attributes of halo wedding rings. They almost fit any personality and style. If you want to impress your beloved, then you should better rush to the jewelry shop to buy something like this. Women, in general, tend to love everything that is sparkling and made with taste. If we add that it is about diamonds, then things are even better. Anyway, a precious stone encircled by a scattering of smaller stones in combination with a precious metal like gold or platinum will make every women feel in  the seventh sky.



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