Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers

Food & Drinks | April 14 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Modern fashion in wedding cakes has finally reached its apogee with so many intricate, whimsical, creative, magnificent, fancy, unbelievable, fantastic, funky non-conventional toppers and ideas of original and trendy toppers. Anything from personal hobbies, favorite objects, shows, movie actors, cartoon scenes, characters, nature and seasonal landscapes, different old-century artistic currents, animals and any other creatures that can replace the classic and traditional bride and groom figurines are on the wave.

There is nothing that a contemporary wedding cake designer can’t do for you. Anything you have in mind can be transformed into a wedding cake reality. Among the most terrifying and unusual whimsical wedding cake toppers we find the Halloween theme.

More and more modern brides and grooms are happy to plan a Halloween wedding day to amaze and flatter their guests. But how about using this theme to create a fabulous, intricate, creepy and pretty original Halloween wedding cake topper? Well, this is no news or a fresh and innovative idea, because this theme is already extremely popular among those who are looking to make a statement on their wedding day.

But, as scary, provocative, whimsical and weirs as they might seem, Halloween wedding cake toppers can be extremely romantic, elegant, creative, fancy, attractive and delicious in the same time. How would you like to eat a pumpkin slice of a Halloween wedding cake made out of fruit or chocolate filling? Or perhaps you would like to see something more morbid, somber, freakish and still glamorous like a skeleton bride and groom kissing or embracing in the middle of a heart Halloween wedding cake topper.

Those of you who definitely want to create something more stunning, dramatic, striking, intriguing, eccentric and peculiar can always choose one of these fleshless, returned from the dead skeleton figurines poses that can make your Halloween wedding cake the rumor of the wedding day.

As unusual, weird and hard to believe might sound, there are many brides and grooms who love this traditional holyday and want to incorporate it into their wedding day décor and arrangements. Maybe some of you have beautiful, warm and special memories on this holyday and that is why a Halloween wedding cake topper might just complement and honor this unique holyday.

But among those who decide to go with a ghosty and whimsical dark Halloween wedding cake topper there are brides and grooms who met on this holyday and want to celebrate the wedding day properly. Combining the horror ant the funny elements into a Halloween wedding cake topper might be the perfect result for any select, distinctive, refined and elegant stylish modern wedding. Brides who want to have a more fanciful, romantic, stylish and adorable Halloween wedding cake can choose a black cat topper to create a more feminine, chic and glamorous effect11

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