Halloween Themed Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | May 31 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

When we think of contemporary wedding cakes the first thing that comes into our minds is an intricate, whimsical or unusual theme, shape or design. More and more couples of our days are choosing a unique or original wedding cake, even is some of them are looking incredibly unusual, unconventional and perhaps weird!

One of the most freakish and modern type of wedding cake is the Halloween themed wedding cake. But if we are to think twice over the idea of having a Halloween themed wedding cake on a romantic wedding day we might find this idea quite interesting. There are many ways of decorating a wedding cake in a Halloween theme, without over crossing the line. One can use funny decorative elements for a more creative, inspiring and artistic look, such as witches, skeletons or pumpkins.

If you’re more the romantic type of couple, you should know that most Halloween themed wedding cakes have romantic, fanciful and elegant designs that can only enchant the eyes of the watchers and not frighten them at all. For a romantic Halloween themed wedding cake one can use black and red roses or any other themed colored flowers, fruits or scroll art motifs.

If you’re one of those brides and grooms who fancy the Gothic culture, current, art or culture, you should definitely go with a Halloween themed wedding cake in black, white and red, or black, pink and red. Imagine how many amazingly beautiful, refined, stylish and delicate things you can do with these colors! It’s not necessary to plan a whole Halloween themed wedding to bring a dark themed wedding cake.

Perhaps you’re a fan of the metal, punk or rock music or art and you want to express these preferences and your personal style through the wedding cake. In this case you can always choose a Halloween themed wedding cake with black guitars, music bands or freakish dark themed toppers. If you don’t have any problem with realistic and scary Halloween themed wedding cakes you can let yourself inspired by the Halloween traditional characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Gothic castles, churches, graveyards or monsters in creating your own Halloween themed wedding cake.

Imagine that these types of wedding cakes can make the perfect choice for cheerful, humorist and creative weddings where there are many children. They will be definitely scared and still attracted to your Halloween themed wedding cake and will finally come to love the idea of your cake.

There are many reasons to choose a creative one-of-a-kind Halloween themed wedding cake instead of a regular plain and boring wedding cake. Perhaps you and your partner first met on a Halloween day and you want to mark that moment, or perhaps you want to honor a certain memory you have from the days when your were younger, playing hide and seek on a Halloween day11

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