Hairstyles For Older Women

Wedding Tips & Ideas | April 08 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

I think that those times are over when a certain age group must have had a certain type of hairstyle. If you are over 60 you don’t have to have a helmet style haircut and if you are in your twenties you don’t necessarily have to have long hair. At this moment there is nothing you can’t do regardless your age. Still there are some hairstyles that are advantageous for a given group of people.

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Those who are in their twenties should try the most hairstyles possible because they are still in the period when people should experiment. Even if you always had long hair it would be time to cut it. Don’t forget that in this period hair grows very fast and it becomes thicker. You could also experiment with colors to find out how other colors look on you. The short hairstyles might make you look mature or childish depending on the style of the cut while long hairstyles can be nice and romantic. In this period you should take into consideration the type of career you would like to have and get a hairstyle that is right for your (future) career.

If you are in your thirties then you should know that in this period you can get any hairstyle you would like, but you should keep in mind what kind of lifestyle you have and you should get a hairstyle that suites that lifestyle. If you are single then it would be a good idea to get long and sexy locks. If you have kids then it is better to have shorter hair, like shoulder length. This length can be worn in a ponytail but you can also create some fabulous hairstyles. Nevertheless if you want to be one of those sexy moms, then you should keep the long locks. You shouldn’t be afraid to get a short hairstyle either. If you don’t like it you can let the hair grow back. If you see some grey strands then you should ask your hairstylist to paint them, but don’t paint all the hair. If at least 1/3 of your hair is grey then you should color all of it. A good trick is to hide the grey strands between colorings using hair mascara.


In case you are in your forties contrary to the common belief, you don’t have to get a short hairstyle. In this period you can let you personality influence the hairstyle you have. You can have whatever you want, long hair, short and sporty hairstyle or long and sporty, you name it. The thing you should remember is to take care of your hair. You could treat it with hot oil treatment and you should cut it every six weeks. It might also be a good idea to add some layers. You could also add some highlights.


In your fifties you have to remember that silver hair might look very nice as well. Most women color their hair blonde, but you should know about the option of coloring darker brown and getting highlights.11