Guitar Wedding Cakes

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The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It might be the greatest of all. If you have decided the date, then you did a lot of thinking before doing this. The date it’s an important decision to make. Now the next step is to buy your wedding suits and to get to the wedding reception as fast as you can. The wedding reception has to be perfectly organized so everybody will have a blast. Create a great decoration and try to make it to look special. The wedding cake is also a centerpiece. You should know that wedding cakes are not just the cakes, the special one that everybody looks at being amazed. It’s a cake that shows who you are, what you like and what you and your partner have together. These can be your passions, your common desires, anything that connects you two.

There are all kind of wedding cakes, all types of shapes and all types of styles. The wedding theme can be the one that helps you decide how your wedding cake will be. If you have a Las Vegas wedding theme you will have a Las Vegas wedding cake. If your wedding happens in the fall, you will have a fall wedding cake, by the way, these ones are indeed beautiful. If you like rock, or music in general, and you want a musical wedding your wedding cake can be a piano, a guitar, anything you think that expresses music. Guitar wedding cakes are really popular. A lot of couples see so many symbols in a guitar so they chose a guitar wedding cake to be their wedding cake.

Choosing your wedding cake it’s all about creativity and the wedding theme. Being creative it’s a must. All the time it’s this need to be creative and this lack of creativity in the case of a lot of people. If you decide you want such a cake, like a guitar wedding cake, you have to talk to a really good baker. It might cost a lot but at the end you will probably say: Uuu, this rocks! The baker is your best friend till the guitar wedding cake is done. You have to be in touch all the time and to tell him what you want and how you want it.¬† A lot of couples have a weird guitar wedding cake. I’m saying weird because they split the whole cake in two, so one side is for the groom, therefor it’s going to be more masculin and the other one is for the bride, being prettier and more feminin.

One side can be pink and the other one, angry black. You can have an electric guitar wedding cake or an acustic one. You decide. Probably the cake will be made from fondant because is so easy to handle. All the figurines and cake decorations are made from fondant. Your guitar wedding cake can have any size and color and it might have a background as well if you want this as well.

Having a guitar wedding cake it’s a great and ingenious idea. You can express music, romance, life¬† and so on. Imagine having a guitar wedding cake if you first met when dancing on a guitar song, kind of incredible isn’t it. Well, do it and have the best day of all!


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