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Wedding Dresses | April 29 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Brides who are planning a romantic wedding escapade somewhere on a tropical island, on a coast or on a sandy exotic beach have to be very specific about the style and aspect of the wedding to make sure that any female guest understood that and will dress properly. As we can see, it’s not only the bride who needs to dress up according to the location and natural environment of the wedding, but also the rest of the wedding attendants.

If they come up wearing all sorts of tight, elaborated, formal and sophisticated dresses, then the wedding will be quite ruined. So, to avoid any of these unpleasing moments and a disaster situation, mention the style of the wedding attire for the guests in your wedding invitations.

But let’s find out now what are the most suitable guest dresses for a beach wedding and offer out help to those of you who are preparing to attend a beach wedding this summer. Any sunny simple, feminine and ethereal or sexy short dress can make the perfect outfit for an outdoor beach wedding day. These types of destination weddings can be lot of fun if you know what to wear so you can feel comfortable enough to dance, laugh and have a good time. Because of the casual and romantic touch and mood of a beach wedding, most of the guest dresses for beach weddings are less formal, pompous and extravagant.

Any simple and yet dainty, chic and practical style is perfect for a beach wedding dress. There are those rare cases when a beach wedding is taking place indoors, in a local or an exotic restaurant and that is why you have to dress up more in a white-tie style, meaning that any elegant, full-floor length luxurious dress can complement the fancy context.

If the wedding party is going to be extremely hot and trendy, wear a short sexy and versatile dress in various hot summer colors like bright dark blue, hot pink, fuchsia, red, black and white, orange, bright yellow or emerald green. Put on a strapless bandeau or a corset top style dress covered with a matching elegant and romantic lace bolero, wrap or capelet.

If the wedding has a retro, vintage or period style, dress up more in a ‘50s prom dress. There are lots of unique themes that go well with a beach wedding, and that is why you need to pay attention on what you wear. For example, if the style of the wedding event is more bohemian, go with a floral hippie-style dress, or a ‘70s-inspired nostalgic flowing dress. Wear a delicate and romantic strapless knee-length dress in a light summery material like a tropical pretty print, madras or seersucker.11

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  1. Theis

    April 13, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Thank you for these tips. i needed them quite a lot. i ma being invited to a wedding and I didn’t know what to wear. i thought of a black dress as it is always a good choice, but… I found out black is not an option for the guests. Unfortunately the invitation is not a proper one, or at least they forgot to tell what the wedding is like. So i supposed it’s traditional and black would go. But now I found out I can’t do it. So actually I have to ask what kind of wedding is going to be, so I can make the right choice. Again, thank you for this. After finding out, this article would prove very useful.


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