Groom Beach Wedding Attire

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Most men will wear a more casual attire if the wedding is planned for a beach, and mostly because the setting allows it. Usually the colors, too, are more on the light or pastel side, to give the impression of a light weight fabric. There are many options available both an and off-line, and we selected a few which we thought to be representative.

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This suit is made of linen and can be found on the site, sold for $285. There are more colors on which this suit can be ordered, and you can order a linen vest for only $50 extra. The pants are loose fitting, giving the suit a classic air. Depending on how formal you want your wedding to be, you can wear a tie or a bow tie as well, in addition to the vest. You can choose to wear sandals, shoes but flip flops or to be barefoot as well.

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This shiny suit looks very formal, and it can be worn if the wedding is only beach themed or if the weather is not as hot as one might expect it to be. The matching shirt and tie can be replaced by a shirt and a tie on different colors, for a look more suited for a young groom. The exotic flower and the handkerchief in the chest pocket – may even be a fake one – are little details which will give the extra touches to the groom's look.

145101 groom beach wedding attire Groom Beach Wedding Attire

Groom Beach Wedding Attire (Source:

For a really casual wedding, you can have your pants rolled up, your shirt out of your pants and partially unbuttoned. You may have your best men incorporating colors from your suit into theirs, the way the brides are doing, but make sure your future wife does it too. When you choose your wedding attire for the beach, make sure it will fir the wedding's theme too, or your bride may not be too happy about it.



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