Green & White Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 25 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

The modern wedding dress with color is gaining more and more popularity among brides-to-be who want to show off their individuality and personal style, vision and taste in matters of fashion, clothing and style.

The tradition of formal white wedding gowns has finally come to close end while so many contemporary wedding dresses are covered with all kinds of shades, other more natural, other more dynamic, vibrant and bold. But it’s not necessary to opt for a full colored wedding dress if you’re not feeling courageous enough to break the rules or comfortable and confident in your skin wearing a red or a black wedding dress.

Today we’re going to present you a very beautiful, eye-catching, stunning and unusual type of wedding dress with color that you can choose for any summer outdoor wedding, namely the green & white wedding dress.

The symbolism of the green color has a heavy and rich signification line. But if you’re interested in the most popular meanings of a green color, we can say that this natural shade stands for new beginnings, strength, warm, health, prosperity, integrity, innocence, youth, growth, intuition, femininity, wealth, ecology, inspiration, innovation, positive energy, love of nature, protection, joy of living, fertility and affection.

If you care for a more spiritual and meaningful wedding day then you should definitely consider wearing a green & white wedding dress, due to all these wonderful qualities and significances that green stands for. Combined with white, the green color appears even more warm, elegant, stylish, chic, romantic and unique. It all depends on what you prefer.

If you enjoy more a green wedding dress with splashes of green here and there, then don’t be afraid to look unconventional and outstanding. This choice is definitely one for a bolder bride who is not scared of showing her individuality and her own preferences in matters of clothing and colors.

If you are one of those modern brides interested in ecology and saving the planet stuff and you’re prepared to express this concerning of yours through the wedding outfit, then don’t be afraid to wear a green & white wedding dress n your wedding day. There are several tones of green that you can choose for your green & white wedding dress, depending on what you like most and the character, location and style of the wedding.

If the event is to be held on a sandy beach, on a coast, on a mountain or on a tropical island, you can go with an emerald green & white wedding dress. For an English garden or a Victorian themed wedding wear a lime green & egg white wedding dress.

Choose a flowing breezy and ethereal type of dress that has a more bohemian style to make your looks more romantic, casual, light, stylish, sensual and superfluous, or opt for a tea length off-the-shoulders green & white wedding dress for a more chic, classy and attractive look. Keep in mind that one shoulder and high neck with low back wedding dresses are at rage these days.11


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    January 19, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Hi. I’ve been searching this site for colored wedding dresses and I’ve seen there are quite many of them. Well, some I liked and others I didn’t, but at least I had a chance to decide what type of colored wedding dress I wanted. So I discovered I won’t wear dresses that aren’t white, but all colored. Not my type, those ones. So white wedding dresses with a colored element fits me more. Now, I stopped here because I really like this white and green dress. It suits the decor, the centerpieces at my wedding, the chic and refined type of wedding I want and moreover, the church where I am about to get married. I only need a veil to cover the shoulder lines a little bit more and it’s perfect!


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    Where is this store located


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