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Choosing to have your wedding gown in a color that differs totally from the traditional white, ivory or light cream not included, colors that are more consistent in their displaying, such as red, royal blue, green or even burgundy or combination of white with blue or green, or gold you better have good reasons for your choice, otherwise you might offend the brides that go for the traditionalism of a wedding celebration and shake their belief that white is the only one to be worn as symbol of purity and sincerity. But I wonder if these brides know that beside white, there are also other colors that carry within themselves beautiful symbols that can turn them into the colors to decorate the atmosphere of a wedding, both in the displaying of wedding dresses and the choice of flowers and wedding cake icings as well.
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One of the colors that bear within itself a symbolism that is appropriate to the spirit of a wedding is green. As one can actually see and comprehend, color green is the one to be found in nature, and by this aspect only one can connect it to the meaning of life and fertility. The way nature has the gift to live over and over again after every cold blow of a winter is due mainly to the green aspect of its content. Without green we won’t be able to enjoy the revival of nature in the season of spring and witness its beautiful maturity in the season of summer.

Starting from its power to breathe life, green is also considered as the color of self-respect, of balance and well being. It has inside the desire of nature to increase, to grow together with the transformation brought by the act of growing, therefore green has in itself the capability to support and sustain changes due to its overall energy of existing. It is said that a person who favors green at such an extent that he/she feels like even wearing green colored outfit is the person that is in need of a new state of equilibrium, and look for protection against anxieties and fears.

The brides that choose green as the theme of their wedding are selecting also green wedding gowns to help them shine through the wedding atmosphere in a note of fresh, novelty and originality. In this regard, fashion designers have created variations of green attires, some of them resembling the aspect of a ball gown with corseted bodices attached to a bell-shaped ruffled skirt, or have designed white wedding dresses with green fabric incorporated in the style of the dress, some of these combinations showing a green stripe going from the back side of the skirt and continuing in an enlarged V-shape of a cathedral train.

Other green wedding gowns are made of light green fabric showing a transparency of the dress resembling to the greenery that decorates a bridal bouquet, in this way ensuring the elements of the wedding a fluidity that is seen as the energy running through the veins of the whole body that builds the ambient of a wedding celebration.11

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    Could you please tell me where I can purchase the green wedding dress in the photo? I LOVE it.


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