Gothic Wedding Invitation

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If you are fascinated by the gothic style and you wish to use this theme for your wedding, the best way to start if by ordering some gothic inspired wedding invites. The images could represent some skeletons, some gothic dolls and figurines along with some dragons images and other elements that make you think of a gothic meaning. The colors of course should also be dark. Go for bloody reds, black and all sorts of dark shades. The images can be very big and centered or they can be small image on the corner of the invitations. Use some silk black bows if you wish to embellish the invite and create a more sophisticated look but still a dark look.

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You can also opt for some doll faces which can also be gothic images as well. A black and white invite is also a good choice. Opt for some interesting scrip styles. You can choose a black invite and opt for a red writing style. If you are still a romantic person who’s into the gothic style, you can choose some gothic representation of hearts and other love symbols. The wording can also be a casual. There are plenty of examples online which can inspire you. Make sure to state the location, time and place of your wedding reception.

118609 gothic wedding invitation Gothic Wedding Invitation

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The guests will need accurate directions so that they can get there. Include a reply card so they can answer to your wedding invite and include a phone number where they can call. They might have questions regarding the location and you need to be at their disposal. The invitations can be purchased form online shops and stores. You can also have them custom-made but it will cost you more money. Just make sure that they set the tone for your wedding reception and that they represent you style. Your wedding is about you and everything about it should be related to you. This includes the gothic wedding invitations.



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