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When we think about a Gothic look, one pictures a lot of black, lots of red touches or bright pink, blue and other strong colors, and a pretty dramatic makeup. If the bride is into this Gothic fashion style, she will want to express this at the wedding as well. However, she doesn't only have the clothes to worry about – though a Gothic wedding dress is easily found – one can't really say the same about the hair. However, with the Gothic fashion style, one can achieve many other looks: sweet, trashy, aristocrat and maybe everything else in between, so take a loo at some pics for inspiration, and create your own Gothic hairstyle for the wedding!

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Even though this bride doesn't really look Gothic, her hair can be successfully worn at the wedding, by any Gothic bride. This hairstyle will make one look almost like a princess if she has the right hair color, or like a vampire countess, again with the right hair color which has to b3e either black or fierce red.

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A Gothic wedding theme is perfect for any autumn wedding event, or for one with Halloween as its theme. If that's the case with your on wedding, then you will need a nicely inspires hairstyle and color, and a good inspiration if the Bride of Frankenstein, with her black hair and a white strand or 2. You can choose to look either scary, either ravishing, just like in the image above!

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You don't have to haveĀ  long hair to pull off this Gothic look: if you have short hair and you like this clothing style, then you probably are styling your hair in a matching manner too. In the image above we could very well see a future bride.The short hair can easily be styled in any crazy, Gothic fashion, but the most common style is with the ending of the hair twisted towards the outside, in a spiky manner.



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