Gondola Weddings Las Vegas

Wedding Tips & Ideas | November 22 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

The wedding industry is moving so fast that it is very hard to keep pace with all the changes and trends and ideas. Then again, it is not possible to keep updating your plans because chaos might settle in a short time and that is something you don’t want at all. Yes, knowing what the market has to offer is important but you should be more preoccupied about what you desire. First of all, this wedding is a personal reflection; this is a day about one life story, a particular one.
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That is why the role of any wedding planner is to coordinate and to supervise the planning process. You share with them all your ideas and all your thoughts. This is the first step. The only problem is that everybody wants to have this perfect, unique and original wedding day. Most couples will start by saying that they want this day to be original, to be impressive, and to please everybody. This is one of the images that are hard to put together. Luckily, going back to the movements on the market you can easily say that maybe tomorrow will bring another great idea. To have patience and a professional wedding planner are two of the conditions.

When the location is Las Vegas then you don’t have to worry about inspiration. This is the wedding capital of the world. The numbers and the story back up this title. Where else to plan an original wedding day than the wedding capital of the world? There is no other option as great. The list of options is long and interesting and rewarding in the same time. The more consideration you give to this problem the clearer it is for you that this is the perfect place. They will bring the sweetness of Rome and the music of Paris, the charm of London and the lights of New York all together.

The image is so bright that you have to stop for a moment and catch its essence. This doesn’t happen just in fiction, this actually happens in real life as well. You leave the shades out and you will lose the magic. Why would you want to loose the magic?

Speaking about magic and reviving stories from all over the world, one great idea is to plan a very original gondola wedding in Las Vegas. This could be it: this could be the answer to all your wonders. There are two places in the world where you could get married while padding your way through the canals. One of the places is Venice and the other one, the infamous Las Vegas. The Venetian Hotel and Resort will help you plan this Italian wedding in the middle of Nevada desert. The staff there is qualified and is ready to assist you all the way.

The gondolier waits to sing the waves away with you and there is nothing that could stop him. An original gondola wedding in Las Vegas means professional staff and quality services. It’s a unique combination between beautiful ideas and logistics. The prices are not be scared about so basically there is nothing stopping you to go along with this plan.

The truth is that it would be interesting how you can be Italian in Las Vegas, one of the most important American landmarks…that if you are trying to be an Italian in Las Vegas. Maybe you are just trying to have the perfect wedding and you are using all the ideas you can find on the way. The more, the better not just for you but also for your guests.11

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  1. sheril

    January 29, 2011 at 7:29 am

    I’ve seen articles about this type of wedding so that I don’t know what is original about this scenario any more. I think any romantic lover has imagined themselves on a gondola, at the sunset or early in the morning, with their true love standing nearby and either looking into each other’s eyes, or singing to each other. And maybe this scenario became real or was intended to become real on the wedding day. And since not all people afford to go in Italy, they surely imagined themselves in Vegas. So I have to say I refuse to consider a gondola ride on the wedding day unique or romantic, just because it’s such an old fashioned idea already.


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