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Wedding Dresses | October 28 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

En vogue brides who are planning the extravagant look for the big day might want to take a look at these fabulous glitter wedding dresses presented in the pictures below. These magical pieces are made by Basil Soda fashion designer especially for the Bridal Collection of 2010 spring and summer.

These gowns are a unique phenomenon of magic, extravagant, exquisiteness, glamour and brilliance that is finally happening. There is something striking about these original types of gowns that anyone of us can easily remark: the weird and gorgeous combinations between geometrical or almost architectural cuts and designs and the soft curvy lines and silhouettes.

This collection can be definitely regarded as a heavy powerful expression of the symbiosis that can be made between art and architecture. But these fascinating juxtaposing styles are no the only principal lines that can be observed in these spectacular gowns, but the shimmering glittering fabrics, colors and embroideries or embellishments too. If you are planning a remarkable golden eye-catchy look perhaps you should give it a try with one of these soft shiny glitter wedding dresses made of refined champagne gold shades.

Other metallic hues that can be observed in these pieces are copper, silver, bronze and other translucent earthy pastel colors that are made to transform the innocent pure and natural bride into an ancient goddess, queen, princess or modern off the beat diva.

But you can also find more feminine, gracious and refined romantic glitter wedding dresses made in airy peach and white shades. These dresses can make any vangaudist unconventional bride feel and look gorgeously different, special, one of a kind and simply breath-taking. The details are very intricate, unpredictable and asymmetrical, and there are here to provide the bride with a more complex ravishing appearance. The embroideries and the shimmering lustrous embellishments are quite heavy themselves and very sophisticated and whimsical. These dresses are surely an inspiration for many wedding dress designers to come. You can find magnetizing Grecian style glitter wedding dresses in this stunning collection signed by Basil Soda.

Perhaps you’re planning a wedding on a more exotic beach in Greece and you would like to recreate that ancient Greek style beauty in yourself! The best way is to choose from these sensational draped glitter wedding dresses. Rock and Roll brides can also make their pick from these gowns wrapped in chains and beautified with all kinds of weird and unusual metallic embroideries. Among the most popular types of fabrics used in these wonderful masterpieces we mention the chiffon and the tulle. If you can’t find the right way to use these dresses, perhaps you can choose one for your evening wedding (if this case applies to you) or simply for the night reception party.11

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  1. Benita

    January 19, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Hello. Thank you for this wonderful article and the samples you offered. I like it that I have just a few samples to choose from and that these samples are usually very beautiful. As far as this particular article is concerned, I love glittering clothes and I am going to have a splendid glittering wedding this summer. It’s going to be a night time wedding, on a pretty dark background, so that the glitters will create a very intimate and shiny atmosphere. So I would like to wear a pretty amazing wedding dress. I stopped at the one shoulder peach dress in the middle of the article. I find it amazing and I love the asymmetry of the glittering embroidery there. As for the line, it’s exactly the type that makes me look good, so …


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