Gladiolus Wedding Bouquet

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Since these days anything is possible, anything is wearable and any old-fashionable or vintage thing is back in the game, brides have lots of possibilities of looking stunning, unique and distinctive on their wedding day. In matters of flowers, modern brides should not complain or fear that all the trendy options are already used and therefore there is nothing new to try.

Incorrect! If we think at all the numberless variants and variations of types of flowers that exist in this world, we won’t dare to feel that miserable anymore. Before you fall for the most popular types of wedding flowers and say that they’re already too worn-out, think about those types that just sit there awaiting for you to observe their beauty and to choose them for your bridal bouquet.

A great example of unusual or un-popular type of flower that you could use for your wedding is the lovely and majestic Gladiolus. This type of flower comes in various vibrant or pastel colors that can make the best choice for your modern or classy wedding. Among the most popular colors for gladiolus are deep or bright red, burgundy, bright or light yellow, orange, peachy, white, cream, pale pink or hot pink, salmon pink, green, lavender, purple, blue, fuchsia, terra cotta or mauve. Because of their grandiose stems and unique arrangements and display of blooms, a gladiolus wedding bouquet can enrich your bridal look and give you more elegance, sophistication, naturalness, extravagance, class and style.

Any bride has this type of flower in her garden or could easily plant and grow a gladiolus wedding bouquet that can be ready for her wedding day. These unique and remarkable types of flowers are pretty affordable and less expensive compared to other types of grandiose flowers like calla lilies for example, especially during the summer season. If you choose to grow your own gladiolus wedding flowers then you might significantly reduce the expenses of your wedding. “Gladiolus” comes from a Latin designation “gladius” that means sword. They are renowned for their strong symbolical meanings: power, faith, morality, integrity, dignity, passion, strength and natural resisting beauty.

The towering stems can give a bride the necessary touch of glamour, extravagance, glitter, sophistication and royalty. You can plan a whole Roman Gladiators wedding theme around this unique type of flower and enjoy a magnificent, exquisite, symbolic, spiritual and historical wedding day.

As a wedding bouquet, Gladiolus are spectacular, fabulous, dainty and yet delicate, graceful and sensual. If you’re decided to go with a gladiolus wedding bouquet choose a hand-tied or an arm style of bouquet that can emphasize more the beauty and grandeur of the flowers. These flowers usually last a few days if kept at moderate temps, so here is another good reason to go with a gladiolus wedding bouquet.11

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